Having a problem with instantly taking action on prospects if they visit your price page or any other specific page on your website? Pardot Page Actions are here to the rescue, they can help you to take action on prospects if they view any of the specific pages that match as per the criteria defined by you.

Page Actions are completion actions that are triggered by a prospect’s page views. It helps you to find out the best set of prospects for your organization. You may choose to add them as prospects to a list, assign these prospects to users if they view your product pricing page or any page which you consider as a good match for the prospect to reach out.

With Page Actions you may also remove prospects from any list, For example: if any of your prospects visit a page that contains some free resources for download or any specific page which you consider not a good match for your prospects then you can take a completion action and remove them from the list.

Consideration for using the Page Actions 

  • You can apply Page Actions to any website page that contains your Pardot tracking code.
  • Page Actions do not retroactively. They work when one or more of your pages are viewed by prospects.
  • Page Actions works on the exact URL which needs to be matched with your website URL.

Completion Action are available for Page Actions

  • Assign to user
  • Add to List
  • Remove from List
  • Add to Salesforce Campaign
  • Set prospect’s Source Campaign

Let’s Create a Page Actions and set a completion action based on the prospect page views.

  • Navigate to Marketing | Automation | Page Actions.
  • Click + Add Page Action.
  • Enter the Name.
  • Enter the full URL of the page. It must be a valid URL, and the website page must contain a Pardot tracking code.
  • (Optional) Change the page’s score.
  • (Optional) Choose a scoring category.
  • (Optional) Select Priority Page.
  • Add completion actions as you want.
  • When finished, click Create Page Action.

Here you can check the Screen Prompt of the Page Action.

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