In Salesforce, you can share an image of a dashboard component with your colleagues, Sales teams using chatter. You can start your conversation about the current progress of your opportunity pipeline, Open Leads count, etc, by sharing images of dashboard components on Chatter. It will give them insights and make your conversation more informative.

Dashboard Component on Chatter

There are many reasons to share images of dashboard components. Request help with aging cases, ask a question about the pipeline, or congratulate the team for making quota!

How to use this feature for your dashboard?

Here are the steps

  1. View a dashboard.
  2. Find the component you want to share, and expand it by clicking Expand.
  3. From the expanded component, click Post to Chatter.
    The Chatter menu opens. From the menu, you can compose your post and view the dashboard feed by scrolling down.
  4. Compose your post. You can @mention people and groups and format them with rich text. Go ahead and make your post as bold as you like!
  5. Click Share.

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