Email Marketing is one of the most important tools for every business. Marketing the products or services through email is called email marketing. Email marketing is a fast, flexible, and cost-effective way of reaching new customers and existing customers by encouraging repeat website visits. Email Marketing allows you to create targeted and personalized messages. Through email marketing, you can inform your customers about new products, discounts, and other services. Promotional emails have a clear call to action or CTA.

Email Marketing Tips

A successful email marketing campaign requires a proper plan. So every marketer should be aware of the tips and tricks to run a successful email marketing campaign.

1. Double Opens Strategy

This strategy provides a better chance of driving more revenue from the campaign. Using this strategy a marketer can engage more audiences or subscribers to the campaign.
The plan of this strategy is a marketer should send the email to the subscribers or the targeted audiences twice with the same content but with a different subject line. It has been proven that 7 out of 10 people do not open the mail for the first time. By resending the same email to these non-openers will enhance the open rates and email marketing ROI.
A marketer should consider a few things before resending the same emails.

  • A better subject line that will attract the non-openers to open the mail.
  • Optimize the preheader text.
  • Pay attention to your send time.
  • Please wait for 3-5 days before resending the mail.

2. Cliffhanger In The Subject Line

This strategy brings more openers to your campaign. A marketer can hook the email subscribers with the subject lines and make them curious about the subject by using a cliffhanger. Cliffhangers hold something back from the readers which drives them to know more through an interesting phrase. Though overusing this technique might annoy the subscribers.

3. Preheader Should Get The Same Attention Like Subject Lines

Preheader text is very important for email marketing. The more catchy the preheader text, the more open rates will be there. Utilizing the preheader text efficiently will draw engagement. So a marketer needs to optimize both preheader text and subject lines. 

4. CTA Buttons Should Be Contextual

A marketer works hard to craft an eye-catching subject line and write a captivating email copy. But if the marketer is not crafting CTAs that encourage subscribers to open the email, the campaign success rate might be down. Instead of using generic CTA buttons like “shop now” or “but now” a marketer can use some interesting CTA buttons like Get Free Consultation”, etc, which will attract the customers more.

5. Make Engagement A Priority

Most of the marketers do the email marketing campaign keeping a short-term goal in mind, to increase sales. It is natural as the primary goal of the marketing is to boost up sales. But along with the sales, a marketer should consider the relationship with the subscribers or the customers to maintain a long-term relationship with them to enhance the brand value. People might be interested in your business rather than buying a product you are offering. So engagement is the key to drive good returns from the email campaign.

6. Mobile Friendly

Most people use their mobile phone as the primary device to open an email. So to increase the open rates, the subject line should be short yet interesting. A mobile-friendly content should be concise and mesmeric which will grab the attention of targeted customers. Using numbers, symbols or emojis will decrease the size of the content yet maintain the impact. Personalized content will surely create a good impression on readers’ minds.

7. Use Frequency Capping

Over messaging the customers can lead to frustrated customers and they can unsubscribe themselves from the email list. Every subscriber has a limit to receiving emails. But when the limit crosses, they mark the email as spam. Frequency capping is a feature that controls the limit of the mails that a  subscriber receives during a particular time. A marketer can set the value of the desired number of mail that a subscriber will receive.

8. A/B Testing

This is one of the best ways to improve the email campaign. In an A/B test, a marketer can set up two variations of the same campaign and send the two versions to two groups of people. By this split method, a marketer can understand which content is much more attractive and draw more audiences. This method is considered one of the most effective marketing methods.

9. Maintain The Email List

To get a successful response from the email marketing campaign, a marketer should remove the confusing or bad addresses which might affect the reputation of the Organization as well as the deliverability. Keeping beneficial addresses rather than growing the list will give an expected result. So a marketer should not waste his/her energy to get more people on their list, which might bounce the mail back. Instead targeting the subscribers’ inboxes will be beneficial.

10. Short Content

A short yet informative content attracts more audiences. So if the marketer can keep the content compact, it will draw the attention of more viewers and the campaign will be successful.

11. Self Updation

Self updation is very necessary if a marketer wants to convert the audience into subscribers. Email marketing is continually evolving. A previously successful method might not work well in the future. So self updation is very much needed with the way of conducting and the mindset of the people with current trends. When a marketer will be able to deliver updated, customized, and personalized emails to the audiences, then only the conversion rate will be increased.

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