Salesforce is recognized as the #1 CRM across the world. Salesforce professionals are in huge demand in today’s marketplace. All companies, either small startups or tech giants, use this robust and customizable Salesforce platform. Salesforce is an excellent and advanced platform that releases three updates per year. Salesforce offers updated and unique features to the ever-evolving and growing needs of businesses of various sizes. According to Google, Salesforce is the most searched and desired CRM platform. Salesforce has been ruling the CRM industry for many years.  Today, in this article, CloudVandana is sharing the top predictions of Salesforce for the coming days. 

Increasing Demand

Salesforce always comes up with new offerings and something new to utilize to help businesses reach their goals. Salesforce generally introduces new tools and products with every release implemented in the platform. Salesforce constantly introduces innovative technologies that enable it to stay ahead of other competitors. Organizations use Salesforce for almost every work process, like ROI, better customer interaction, real-time reporting, and customized automation processes. This robust technology will make all the business processes easy and provide a competitive business advantage. So it is very easily predictable that the role of Salesforce will be essential for the growth of all the businesses 

Transformation From Classic Edition To Lightning Edition

Salesforce’s intelligent user interface is gaining popularity among customers. So it can see that the future of Sales and the entire CRM  process will be more potent with the customized offerings of Salesforce. Users always search for a solution with an easy operating system and user interface. Salesforce provides all the requirements to users to enhance their productivity. So for various added opportunities, users are migrating from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning

Endless Opportunities For Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce marketing cloud is becoming bigger and better with increased adoption across the Salesforce ecosystem. With the innovations and diverse functionality, it is very predictable that there will be increased adoption of Salesforce Marketing Cloud in the upcoming days. 

Big Data And IoT

The demand for Salesforce interaction with Big Data and Data Science will be enormous. Big Data will boost the Service Cloud and help marketers strengthen the data for marketing through the marketing cloud. Organizations across the world have adopted big Data, and it is the fastest-growing technology. 

Salesforce has stepped into the healthcare industry with loT. So in this industry, also Salesforce will widely spread its wings, and in the coming years, it is .predictable that  Salesforce offerings will be beyond our expectations. 

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