A progress bar is a graphical representation used to visualize the progress of an extended computer operation, like download, file transfer, or installation. Sometimes, a textual representation is added along with the graphic in a percent format. 

Conversion is a very challenging process for every marketer. There are many steps and strategies involved in converting traffic. Marketers just need to move in the right direction. It is an excellent option if the marketers have optimized for conversion and looking for other ways to drive action. This visual representation lets the users know where they are to complete a specific action, such as filling out a form or making a purchase. 

Progress bars are visual representations of the site visitors toward accomplishing a specific goal. This tool can benefit the marketers both aesthetically and in terms of conversions. For example, marketers can use this chart in the checkout portion of the site to give users an overview of their purchase or delineate any number of charted movements across the area. 

Gamification is a popular strategy when marketers seek to engage their audience in a brief window. When marketers say gamification, they mean incorporating game-like aspects of gaming into the system. 

These bars create the idea of movement, progression, and achievement. By creating a step-by-step tracker, marketers can personalize these bars. 

Where To Use Progress Bar

Progress bars are used to drive more conversions. These versatile bars help complete tasks, giving more power to the marketing efforts. 

Marketers can enable triggers on an action or a duration of time, including a consumer who is about to abandon a cart or when a site visitor has interacted with a button or a link. For example, suppose a user stays on a page without the checkout. In that case, marketers could trigger such visual representations that tell them only three steps are left to checkout, or the visitor is staying on the checkout page; guiding them by telling them only one more step is left to avail the free shipping or a complimentary gift. 

Progress bars are not limited to classic conversion actions like checkout or form fill. Instead, marketers can display these bars all over the webpage to notify the users of their progress toward a specific target. This gives the users a clear and direct path to follow, influencing their journey in a directed way. 

Marketers can use the power of these bars throughout the email nurture to underscore the need for immediate action. For example, they can encourage user engagement within emails by showing how much a consumer has applied for the free product on a minimum amount of purchase.

Few Tips On Progress Bar

Following are the three best practices to incorporate the progress bar to the checkout page or email. If marketers plan to add these bars, these tips will help them. 

Calculate Costs Of Progress Bar Creation

Before adding these charts to the marketing strategy, marketers must set the budget first. A breakeven analysis will help determine what needs to happen to break with the cost associated with these illustrations. 

The Progress Bar Should Provide Feedback

To ensure the users feel like the sales process or demo request process is transparent and clear, these bars should share immediate feedback to help them in their respective journeys. 

Visual Characteristics

Marketers need to consider various elements to be successful while using these bars. 

  • If these bars are used to track the purchase process, titles on the bar should match with the corresponding pages.
  • The changes in visual representation should be noticeable.
  • Marketers should use elements that indicate completion, including check marks and xs. 

With the help of these strategies, this graphical representation assists the marketers as a unique marketing tool.

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