This new feature by Salesforce will make your reporting more valuable in Salesforce mobile app. You can get a high-level overview of the reports on the Salesforce mobile app.

Report Highlights shows summaries of up to eight key metrics, including average amounts, grand totals, subtotals, record counts, and formula column results. For summary and matrix reports, users can also see totals for groups based on the first-level group field.

Note:  This change is available the week of July 20, 2020, for iOS in all editions.

When you view reports on a mobile device, you want information at a glance, instead of scrolling (and scrolling) through a long, detailed report table. Summed totals help you to get in and out of the data, and on with the day.

In order to customize the metrics that appear in Report Highlights, you can go to the report run page on Lightning Experience desktop.

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