Pinterest is the world’s 14th largest social networking site. Nowadays Pinterest is a great way to get the brand online. The main resource of Pinterest Marketing is images.  So, if the images are properly placed and the image size is properly scaled, marketers can boost the marketing campaign with Pinterest Images. Certain image sizes are more likely to catch the eyes of Pinterest users, so size is a very important component for Pinterest Success. On Pinterest, the more potential web visitors marketers can attract, the more conversion rate will be there. 

In this article, CloudVandana will discuss the role of Pinterest Images in marketing and the best practices of Pinterest Images

Pinterest Image Size 

There are various kinds of pins on Pinterest. 

  • Static Pins
  • Infographic Pins
  • Square Pins
  • Long Pins
  • Carousel Pins

Pinterest does not recommend images smaller than 600x 900 pixels. Vertical pins are 1000×1500 pixels or a 2:3 aspect ratio. Users can preview the images so that images fit well without getting cut off.

Pinterest image size for business depends on several factors, including the type and messaging in the pin images. So marketers should always test and measure pin traffic and conversions to find the best result. The following chart is providing the pin details of Pinterest. 

Let’s have a quick look at the pin and its functions to drive traffic. 

Static Pins

Static pins are the most basic type of Pinterest image. They feature only one image and a few sentences that link the pinned image to the website. They are very SEO-friendly as they offer relevant keywords that search engines pick up. So static pins are a great way to get instant traffic from  Pinterest directly to the site. 

Infographic Pins

Infographics pins are vertical pins or Pinterest Images that are unique and encourage users to click through on the content. Vertical pins perform best on Pinterest. So if marketers can create infographics in a vertical format, the chances are high for driving a huge amount of traffic. 

Square Pins

Square pins are great for sharing images from an Instagram feed. Square pins allow the marketers to share compact images to promote the brand and they are easy to share. Square pins are easily optimized in every device, so they are a great fit for social media platforms. 

Long Pins

Long pins are generally used for blog content or article so that users can scroll to read the whole text. Long pins increase the click-through rate and engagement of the website. Long pins work best for businesses that have articles or blog posts to share. 

Carousel Pins

Carousel pins are a great way to show a lot of information in one pin. Carousel pins allow the marketers to include up to five images per pin. Through the carousel pins, marketers can showcase multiple images with a short text description below each image. 

As per studies, the average Pinterest user spends less than five seconds on a Pinterest page, so it’s very important that the images and pin descriptions should be concise and effective. 

Best Practices For Pinterest Images

Marketers should consider a few things while creating Pinterest images so that marketers can drive more traffic to the website. 

1. Descriptive Text

Marketers should include descriptive text on the image itself, including hashtags and relevant keywords. This is the most powerful weapon for a marketer to increase website traffic. Descriptive texts will also ensure that the pins are easy to find when people search on Pinterest.

2. Right Links

To boost the traffic, marketers should include a link in the pin’s image description so that when someone clicks on the Pinterest image, it will redirect the visitor to the website. 

3. High-Quality Interesting Images

To encourage and attract viewers, marketers should use high-quality images with interesting descriptions. The illustration should be easy to understand so that viewers can be easily converted into customers. The website link should be added to the description so that visitors can check the website for more information. 

4. Alt Text On Pins

Alt texts should be added to all the images. This will help improve the SEO of the website and let Pinterest know what each image is about. 

5. Monitor Pin Performance

Lastly, a marketer should monitor all the pin impressions to know the marketing performance and improvement can be done accordingly. So monitoring is very important to track how Pinterest impacts site traffic and conversions. 

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