Salesforce has introduced Analytics Performance Bundle that helps companies consolidate their analytics tools for better success with this easy-to-use, self-service platform to save costs and gives useful tools to gain real-time insights and make decisions quickly. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss this innovation to increase the efficiency of organizations. 

Companies in every industry must establish key performance indicators and manage them properly. This solution makes the manufacturing process more efficient, enhancing the attendee experience at the events and making customer service organizations more efficient. Most of the time, companies need help to harness the true power of their data, including challenges with speed, scalability, and bottlenecks in the IT and analytics groups responsible for preparing and analyzing data. 

In the present time, every organization is looking for better success in a seamless way, with reduced costs. To achieve this, this leading CRM and Tableau are working together to achieve their goal faster. This innovation brings together a fully-hosted, cloud-based solution to drive smarter decisions for the present and future. 

The Analytics Performace Bundle will help businesses by providing a fast, flexible, flexible and enterprise-grade analytics platform to fit every organizational requirement via Tableau. The platform provides useful tools to their customers to discover, understand, connect, and trust their data with Data Management and helps them to manage secure and scale mission-critical analytics through Advanced Management. Through this platform, companies have been able to eliminate a great deal of duplicate work and become more self-sufficient. 

Companies Are Saving Costs With Analytics Performance Builder

The Analytics Performance Bundle not only helps customers with the full Tableau platform for better success but also helps to save various costs. Customers can save up to 45% with the Analytics Performance Bundle. 

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