If you are a myTraihead user then this feature will definitely help your company to showcase your company’s branding instead of Salesforce branding. Astro, Codey, and friends are welcome companions on Salesforce Trailhead. But they can confuse myTrailhead users, who aren’t always familiar with Salesforce branding. Salesforce removed images of Trailhead characters and other Salesforce-specific brand elements from myTrailhead.

Note: myTrailhead is available to customers with Enterprise, Performance, or Unlimited editions for an extra cost.

Users with the myTrailhead Content Access permission can log in to their company’s myTrailhead site.

For example, the Trailmixes page on Salesforce Trailhead shows the Salesforce characters Astro and Codey.

The Trailmixes page on myTrailhead does not.

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