Salesforce AppExchange is a leading enterprise cloud marketplace that offers solutions such as apps, components, and consulting services. Salesforce AppExchange gives partners a place to create and publish extensions to Salesforce. To make any solution publicly available to potential customers, the organization must be a Salesforce partner. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the App listing process of Salesforce AppExchange. 

The development and listing process on this platform is effortless. So, before moving into the details, let’s discuss why this platform is the right choice for companies worldwide. 

This platform is used by 150,000+ Salesforce customers, making it a great place to market its products in 100+ countries. So let’s look into the details of the listing process. 

Salesforce AppExchange App Listing Process

1. Sign Up

Salesforce Consulting Partners do not need to sign up separately to move forward with this process. But companies do not belong to the partner community; they need to sign up first for the Partner Program. After filling in the business details and choosing the Independent Software Vendor(ISV), the company will be included in the partner community. 

2. Share Your Thoughts

After joining the partner community, the users need to go to the publishing tab and click on “create a new listing.” In that space, they need to share the business plan or the product details by answering a few simple questions. This is essential as it is the only way potential customers can discover apps for their requirements.

The brand or the organization should share the name of its app and its functionalities to encourage customers to use the product. In addition, it is recommended to mention the pain points that the app is capable of overcoming and how the solution is enhancing the capability of the Salesforce platform. For example, CloudVandana has newly launched a product called CV Files on AppExchange, a File Management Solution & Salesforce-Google Drive Connector. Organizations can make any changes anytime to their apps and details. 

3. Scheduling Call With AppExchange Executives

After submitting the listing, representatives from the Salesforce team will schedule a call to discuss the business plan. On that call, the organization’s key person should explain the details and present the app and its functionalities in the best possible way. The AppExchange team can suggest points for improvement of the app. 

4. Legal Formalities

After this process, it is time to move forward and complete the legal duties. An agreement of distribution should be signed, and technical calls should be conducted. If the company is not providing consulting services but planning to step into it, then they need to submit a compliance Certification on behalf of the company. The certification will include details about the company, business practices, and relationships. After the submission, the Salesforce team will review the details to ensure they match their integrity standards. 

5. Coding Work

Here comes the essential process. The organization needs to convert its ideas into a real app. So, the engineering and the development team should start their action. The team should include software developers, business analysts, and quality assurance specialists. A proper development strategy should be created for a faster development process. It is recommended to test and re-test until no bugs remain in the app. Suppose you can see a lack of expertise in your in-house development team. In that case, you can experience the Salesforce Staff Augmentation service from the considerable talent pool of CloudVandana for seamless app development and maintenance. 

6. Free App Or Paid App?

The cost differs from free to paid. The free apps can easily pass the security review process, but for paid apps, the Salesforce team will provide an agreement to sign along with security review fees. The cost differs from application to application based on their functionalities. 

7. Security Review

The Salesforce team may ask a few questions like the security condition of the application, SOQL and SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, access control protocols, record-sharing violations, etc. If the team finds any fault, they will ask to make the required changes until it is bug-free. This review process may take four to six weeks. After approval, the organization will receive a congratulatory email. 

8. The App Is Live Now

The app is now live. Organizations must follow a few tips to make their AppExchange listing stand out. 

Developing an app and getting listed on the Salesforce AppExchange seems challenging sometimes. But with the help of proper knowledge and guidance, organizations can target global customers with the right solution. Are you planning to build an app for Salesforce AppExchange and looking for a reputed Salesforce Partner for the best assistance? Please feel free to schedule a consultation call with the executives of CloudVandana and get the best solution to keep your business ahead of the competitors. Call Now.

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