Get the most out of your customer relationship management with personalized and professional Salesforce consulting services from the experts. Check out the results-oriented services of CloudVandana to grow your business today!

Salesforce Consulting Services

Are you looking for a way to get the most out of Salesforce? Get personalized, professional consulting services from the experts at salesforce consulting service. Our results-oriented approach helps you grow your business and increase productivity.

Analytics & Reporting 

With our analytics and reporting services, you can take a deep dive into the data behind your business’s success. Our experts will identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and path-to-purchase metrics that give you a clearer understanding of how customers interact with your products or services, so you can make better decisions to maximize sales potential. Whether it’s custom dashboards or using predictive analytics to identify opportunities, our insights bring the power of Salesforce to the tips of your fingers.

Custom App Development & Automation

We provide custom app development to help you tailor Salesforce to your business needs. Our experienced app developers can create specialized functions and automation that streamline mundane tasks and optimize data-driven processes. By tapping into the full power of Salesforce, we give you the tools to increase efficiency, speed up operations, and stay ahead of the competition.

System Integration & Data Management

Are you struggling to link multiple systems and databases together? Our Salesforce Consultants will help you easily connect your business’s internal operations and share data between systems. We specialize in efficiently integrating Salesforce with external services, including ERP, accounting, e-commerce, EDI trading partners, CRM, email marketing platforms, and more. Quality data integration can reduce manual labor and improve accuracy so that you can gain deeper insights into customer data.

Cloud Migration & Implementation Services

Whether you’re switching to Salesforce from an existing system or setting up a completely new Salesforce instance, our team of experienced consultants can streamline the process and make sure everything runs smoothly. We’ll develop system blueprints and assist with configuration, custom development, data migration, user adoption strategies, integrations, testing, and deployment. We aim to help you create the optimal environment for success with your Salesforce implementation.

App Exchange Solutions & Security Guidance

Our consultants provide security guidance for your Salesforce instance, as well as integration with third-party applications from the AppExchange. We assess your institution’s risk profile and evaluate how best to protect key data within a secure framework to ensure compliance with industry regulations. We also assist with streamlining the implementation of third-party solutions by making sure they are configured properly in the Salesforce platform and tested thoroughly before launch.

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