CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is indulged by more than 90 percent of companies according to recent statistics. There is a vast range of options to choose from,  so choosing the right CRM solution can be challenging for the companies who have planned to indulge CRM in their system. 

Salesforce CRM is recognized as the #1 CRM across the world in the customer success industry. Everyone related to this field knows about this recognition. But in this blog, CloudVandana, a registered Salesforce partner is giving the main differentiating factors of Salesforce that make it better than any other CRM platform so that customers can judge the points and take their own decision while selecting the right CRM solution

Features Of Salesforce

1. Customer Data

Salesforce retrieves each and every customer data. That is the main advantage of Salesforce CRM. Salesforce users can look at every individual account, contact, task, event, and opportunity that is connected to a lead. This feature provides a lot of information before approaching potential customers. This feature offers a complete, holistic approach to managing every business. Shared customer information gives access to all the members of a sales team to view and access the customer data. So any team member can handle the clients if someone is occupied with other works or on leave. Salesforce is comprehensive, responsive, and convenient to use. So users do not need to manage larger files full of spreadsheets.

2. Account Planning

A sales representative can access the customer information right at the fingertips, so it becomes easy to make plans for accounts independently. This is important to make a connection with clients and lets the sales representatives modify their strategy to achieve better outcomes. Additionally, users or representatives can create reminders on calendars so nothing falls through the cracks and boost sales. Organizational tools can give the users an overview of the time spent on each specific account. With the account planning options by Salesforce, managing clients becomes easier. 

3. Ground-Breaking Innovation

Salesforce is considered a metadata platform. Salesforce metadata’s easy accessibility allows customers to innovate and make a profit efficiently while offering an excellent user experience to the customers, partners, and collaborators. Salesforce offers three free upgrades every year with advanced and new features that can be integrated without any alteration. So if someone wants to be updated with the latest technical developments, Salesforce is the only option to look into. 

4. Team Collaboration

Salesforce lets the users easily communicate with the other members of the team. The ‘chatter’ feature allows talking with individuals or groups about work-related information like clients, territory, and other important details. This makes the sales process easier and helps in generates more leads.

5. Cloud Of Trust

Salesforce provides reliable data security and protection on the cloud, so there is no chance of lost or stolen data, so users can perform in a trusted environment. Thus Salesforce easily stands out from other CRMs in choice. 

6. Accessibility

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM, so it can be accessed from anywhere only with the help of the internet. Salesforce is very much optimized in mobile phones, so salespeople can be connected every time with the clients anytime and anywhere for any of their requirements. This feature accelerates the business process and all the data is kept safe and secured where registered users can always access it. 

7. AppExchange Facility

Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s largest business app marketplace, where users can find all the suitable applications for their business needs. Salesforce AppExchange is easily accessible, easy to download, and provides users with resources, options, and functionalities to extend their ability to enhance the business process. Salesforce AppExchange provides more than 3100 applications, so customers can find suitable apps that suit their needs.  In addition, Salesforce AppExchange is an attraction of well-thought, new ideas that are being developed and fine-tuned at a blinding pace. 

There are endless benefits of Salesforce CRM. If you want to know more about Salesforce, CloudVandana, the Registered Salesforce Partner is always here to provide customized Salesforce Solutions for every business needs. Feel free to connect for any Salesforce assistance.

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