Learn how to automate your deployments, monitor app performance and configure your existing systems with Salesforce DevOps Center. Learn it all with this helpful guide by CloudVandana.

Salesforce DevOps Center is an enterprise-grade tool that can help you automate the deployment of applications, monitor performance, and configure existing systems in a streamlined and secure manner. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started utilizing the power of DevOps Center for Salesforce.

What is Salesforce DevOps Center? 

Salesforce DevOps Center is an integrated end-to-end DevOps platform designed to accelerate value delivery across the entire enterprise. It provides visibility and control to help ensure compliance, scalability, and speed across development, test, and production environments by automating deployments, monitoring app performance, and configuring existing systems.

Introducing Developer Pro Sandboxes 

With DevOps Center, Salesforce now offers developers and admins easy-to-use sandbox environments to prototype changes and configure systems. These sandboxes are designed to replicate the production environment fully, allowing development teams to make system changes in a safe test environment before rolling them out for further development or for deployment. Developer Pro Sandboxes also enable you to build an audit trail to see a full record of every change made in each environment.

Automatic Deployments with Change Set Manager 

With Change Set Manager, Salesforce enables developers and admins to deploy changes automatically across multiple sandboxes. All you need to do is add the changes you want to Deployment Manager on DevOps Center, select the selected environments you want to deploy them in, and click the Deploy button. DevOps Center will securely transfer your changes and handle authentication automatically – so there’s no configuration or deployment headache! Change Set Manager also helps with tracking deployments, helping enable easy rollbacks when needed.

Real-Time Monitoring with App Metrics and Logs  

Salesforce DevOps Center provides the tools to monitor and configure existing systems in real time. With App Metrics and Logs, DevOps Center enables you to check the performance metrics of applications or search logs in real time. This allows you to quickly identify issues with your systems and take immediate action when necessary. You can also use App Metrics to compare performance between different Salesforce environments or track latency over time so that you can make informed decisions quickly when it comes to optimizing your Salesforce environment.

Configure Your System with Configuration Settings

With Configuration settings, you can configure and manage your existing systems with DevOps Center. You can set up environment configuration via the Salesforce CLI or directly using the settings template language. This includes managing external services like databases, message queues, and cache stores. It also allows you to customize triggers for logging and tracing that help troubleshoot issues when they arise. The Configuration settings also provide additional control over your Salesforce environment – you can specify users who have access to certain settings, as well as enable or disable specific features within your environment.

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