Salesforce Einstein is an artificial intelligence technology that has been developed for the Salesforce Customer success platform. Einstein is the AI-powered Salesforce product for businesses that want to incorporate intelligent tools into their workflows. It offers predictive scoring, forecasting, and recommendations at the right moment.

It was launched in 2016, during the company’s Dreamforce conference. Machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision are the foundation features of Einstein. Salesforce has also introduced Einstein capabilities for App Cloud users and Developers to bring AI features like predictive or suggested actions, into new or existing apps.

On Dreamforce 2017, Salesforce announced two new capabilities to make it easier for the admins. Those two capabilities were Einstein prediction builder and Einstein bots.

Einstein prediction builder allows customers to create custom AI models around predictions for any kind of field that is presently held in Salesforce simply by identifying the field they want to predict and selecting the data they want to use with an easy click interface. With the help of Einstein Bots, customers can create chatbots powered by historical data to respond to common inquiries and deploy them through Service Cloud.

These are a few of the AI-rich features which have been announced by Salesforce.

Sales Cloud Einstein

There are three features for Sales Cloud Einstein. The main feature is Einstein Forecasting. It is an out-of-the-box tool for sales staff to make accurate predictions using all of their historic CRM data. Salesforce Einstein forecasting is essentially a bundle of self-learning functionalities that learn individual and team forecasting behavior to offer objective insights into future sales. There is another feature called Email Insights, which uses natural language processing to identify the most important Emails.

Commerce Cloud Einstein

There is a range of features within Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein. The first one is called Predictive Sort, which uses machine learning to customize the order in which products appear in search and category pages on e-commerce websites, down to the individual shopper depending on their previous browsing habits.

Then comes New Order Management, which allows retailers to connect customer demand with the registered supply by analyzing order and inventory data across stores, warehouses, and vendors. These features join the Einstein Product Recommendation tool, which recommends the best products to a consumer across various channels.

Service Cloud Einstein

This feature of Einstein will include recommended case division which will automatically pre-populate keys and direct them to the right agent predictively. 

Marketing Cloud Einstein

Marketing Cloud Einstein includes predictive analytics of a customer engaged with an email, automated send-time optimization, and predictive audiences. This feature can build custom audience segmentation based on predictive behaviors.

Salesforce provides an AI-powered image recognition tool, called Einstein Vision for Social Studio. This feature gives access to marketers to automate the discovery and identification of images shared on social media, accelerating the response time.

Community Cloud Einstein

This feature includes recommended experts, articles and topics, automated service, and newsfeed insights. Recommended experts, files, and groups are generally available and included as part of the Community Cloud.

Analytics Cloud Einstein

Customers can access the predictive wave apps to uncover future patterns for any business process, smart data discovery which will help users find and explain insights from their data, and automated analytics to arrange insights.

loT Cloud Einstein

This feature will include predictive device scoring, recommend best next actions for service operations and marketing journeys, and automated loT rules optimization.

Financial Service Cloud Einstein

This feature provides the ability to uncover opportunities based on client sentiments, competitor’s announcements, and overall engagements by analyzing email conversations. The advisors can get a clear view of the client’s family wealth ecosystem and financial account through Relationship Map.

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