Salesforce Einstein Vision is a part of Salesforce Einstein. Salesforce Einstein is the artificial intelligence tool by Salesforce. It was introduced mainly for data analytics and machine learning. But now, the features are not only limited to only analytics. Today, CloudVandana is describing a special feature of Einstein, Einstein Vision. Vision is our primary source of identification and recognition, so from that basic concept, the Salesforce Einstein Vision was introduced. It is specialized in cognitive learning ability, which enables it to identify images with the power of Einstein. 

Unlimited Ability Of Salesforce Einstein Vision

Salesforce Einstein Vision has the power to change the way we recognize objects and images. It provides information for every inch of detail present in an image to bring out relevant information like preferences, product quality, and inventory status. Sales and marketing departments can actively use this data to create new strategies and evaluate the campaign statuses. Salesforce Einstein Vision is packed in some pre-trained and some custom-trained classifiers, according to the business needs. This bunch of classifiers helps in identifying images and gives relevant information. Salesforce Einstein Vision can be integrated with any third-party application and CRM. It visualizes the user information in an innovative way and presents a real-life solution out of raw objects. As a result, a sales representative can easily get the required information of an account by simply scanning a company logo in no time.

Salesforce Einstein Vision Functions With Two APIs

Salesforce Einstein Vision functions with the help of two different APIs. Einstein Image Classification and Einstein Object Detection. Let’s have a look at the functions of these APIs.

Einstein Image Classification – Einstein Image Classification helps the developers in making the product analyze between different groups of objects. These classifiers are customizable and can act according to the business models.

Einstein Object Detection – This API has many practical users across the development period. Developers can make the tool count, recognize the details and distinct objects by training them accordingly.

Benefits Of Salesforce Einstein Vision

Visual Search – Salesforce Einstein Vision has a brilliant classification property, which can be used by the customers to differentiate and identify between products during online or offline shopping.

Brand Detection – The brand detection feature helps the marketers to understand the preferences of the customers by increasing the brand value and reaching out to them through different channels.

Product Identification – Product Identification support departments to identify the product properly before mounting a technical fault. 

Salesforce Einstein Vision In a Nutshell

Salesforce Einstein Vision is a set of powerful APIs that redefines image recognition to fit into every production requirement. The primary goal of Salesforce Einstein’s vision is to provide deep insights into customer’s activities and making ways to implement those with smart decision-making capabilities. Einstein Vision is a part of a supervised learning technique in which a model is trained on the preprogrammed training data. This training dataset along with the labeled images are loaded into Einstein via an API call. Then, a REST API call is created to train the dataset, so the output becomes a trained model ID. Finally, an API call is made to predict the label of a new image that has never been seen before. These are some of the advancements in image recognition that are enhancing the new stage of customer success and helping the companies to do market research in a new way.

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