Salesforce fleet management is an effective solution through which organizations can monitor their vehicles, observe their direction, fuel consumption, etc. Depending on the organizational requirements, Fleet management of Salesforce ensures the safety of the vehicles, drivers, and passengers. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the importance of a Fleet Management system for organizations. 

Salesforce Fleet Management Solution

The application enables organizations to manage and monitor all their technicians, drivers, and vehicles. The functional modules may include various other features that provide the management and businesses with all-inclusive data. Fleet management is like a backbone to organizations that consider employee satisfaction as one of the significant metrics. 

It is the right option for businesses and entrepreneurs to manage a wide range of vehicles. It automates regular workflows and provides customers, drivers, and managers with easily usable software to provide customized solutions to all parties. 

Key Benefits Of Fleet Management Solution

1. Secured Platform

It is a safe way for passengers when the company stores information about the drivers operating the vehicles. This also ensures the safety of the driver in case they face any threat from the customers. The solution tracks the operated vehicles if any abnormalities are detected and alert the team. So it provides safety from both ends. 

2. Low Fuel Consumption

The solution constantly updates the fuel consumption leading to decreasing fuel usage in the long term. It includes a destination path prediction to calculate the availability of the shortest distance to reach the destination with the lowest traffic. 

3. Real-Time Tracking

The solution makes it possible to track vehicles in real time, increasing efficiency and reliability. Sharing the real-time data helps in providing the convenience of estimating the pick-up and arrival along with the transmission of location data to the customer. 

Key Features of Fleet Management Solution

1. GPS Tracking 

The platform makes it easy for businesses to track their vehicles through a mobile application. The application provides accurate information to the customers. The system notifies the about the real-time location of the driver and same to the driver about the location. 

2. Vehicle Maintenance

A team of individuals looks after the solution. The advantage is gathering the information using the tracking system equipped in the vehicle and sending the report to the software, from where it is managed and controlled by the organization. 

3. Control Of Fuel Consumption

The solution provides data about the engine performance level and keeps track of fuel consumption. When the consumption level exists, the vehicle would need immediate attention from the company. 

4. Dispatch Management

The process means discovering the timetable available for use. As companies need to manage various vehicles, it becomes challenging to keep track of the booking and availability of each vehicle. Through this system, the whole process becomes seamless. 

5. Safety Management

As the software keeps track of the driver, it also provides information if the driver is fit to drive. This analysis is made by evaluating the driver’s posture, which then sends the information to the software along with alerting the management team of the software if the driver is unfit. This is strictly monitored by the companies as the driver is connected to the safety of the passengers. 

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