Salesforce Flow Orchestrator is a new functionality of Salesforce that allows Admins to string a number of flows and business processes together across multiple people. Flow Orchestrator has been built with the existing Flows in mind and allows the user to use them in any new Orchestration. It is a tool by Salesforce that allows the users to orchestrate multi-user, multi-step, and multi-stage Flows. This workflow development tool allows the user to create workflows that then automate a variety of complex processes and approvals into effective, industry-relevant experiences for your users.

For creating a new Flow Orchestration, users need to head over to the All+Templates section of the New Flow page. Over there users can see a Flow Orchestrator section with an Auto-launched Orchestration and Record-Triggered Orchestration. Presently, these two ways are there to launch a Flow Orchestration

Users can find Flow Orchestrator within the setup menu rather than clicking on the Flows, users will see another menu called Flow Orchestrator. Though this is available in limited editions of Salesforce.  

How To Use Flow Orchestrator

Creating a new Flow Orchestrator is an easy process by selecting the templates in the menus above. If the users want to add other functionalities to it, then they need to learn a few Stages and Steps. 

A stage is one or more Steps, grouped together and executed sequentially. 

A step defines the flow or flows that the user would like to run, who is assigned to the step, notifications, and where the flow should appear. 

Benefits Of Salesforce Flow Orchestrator

After discussing the overview of Salesforce Flow Orchestrator,  we will now discuss the benefits of Salesforce Flow Orchestrator. Flow Orchestrator builds and automates common workflows, unifies multiple sources of data, provides guidance through AI-driven recommendations, and spots bottleneck quickly. CloudVandana is providing five top benefits of implementing Einstein Automate’s Flow Orchestrator.

1. Increase Productivity

Salesforce Flow Orchestrator provides the technology to automate complex, multi-user processes and approvals to save time on projects. So employees can get more time on other projects. As a result, it enhances the business. 

2. Easy Automation

Flow orchestrator makes it easy for Salesforce users to automate anything if that is internal workflows for employees, external workflows for customers, or anything in between. 

3. No Requirement Of Custom Code

Flow Orchestrator offers a centralized workflow to eliminate the need for users to jump between systems by unifying data and processes into a single Flow. This low code solution removes the hurdle to entry for this type of workflow, in which custom codes were required previously.

4. Easily Integrate Data

The key to any successful automation is data. So it is important to integrate the necessary data into the workflows that users might want to automate. The main component of Flow Orchestrator is bringing data into Salesforce so that Einstein Automate offers the opportunity to take workflows to the next level.

5. Increase Visibility

Flow Orchestrator makes it possible to help the team to be proactive in solving problems. It offers monitoring tools to complete the process. Additionally, it provides the necessary visibility to identify issues before they become too big.

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