Salesforce is a very effective CRM that provides solutions to every Industry. The Education Industry is one of them. Salesforce helps educational institutions to create solutions for recruitment and admissions, student experience, advancement, and institutional operations.

The Education Cloud, by Salesforce, is an extensive software system that encloses all administration and operations of the educational institution. Salesforce is a single platform for every kind of requirement, so Institutions do not need multiple software systems. It consists of Student Information System(SIS), ERP, CRM, Academic Management System.

According to, 89% of schools are using Salesforce. It has improved their ability to meet their mission. Schools are using Salesforce for their development, alumni management, admissions, student success, and many more.

With Salesforce Education Cloud, Institutions are able to get a complete view of learners from K-12, to higher education and beyond. The entire Institution can gather to create a personalized learner experience at scale, using one integrated CRM platform for education. This empowers Institutions to transform learner engagement into lifelong relationships.

The most important thing about Education Cloud is it provides purpose-built education products and solutions to the institutions. They also keep up updating them by providing the latest innovation from the trusted Salesforce platform including robust AI, analytics, and integration capabilities.

Student Experience

Education clouds empower institutions to realize the vision of a connected student experience. Connected experiences will include a personalized message that a student receives from the school authority or even something more than this. The connected experience begins with putting a student at the center of everything and transforms the entire student experience through Salesforce technology.

Today’s lifelong learners expect a digital-first experience, personalized communications, and the concept of belongings. A connected experience drives student success by attracting them in ways that meet their expectations in a personalized way. As result institutions of all sizes are adopting CRM platforms to create connected experiences.


1. Student Management

An educational institution needs to perform many things for its students. Salesforce makes it easier for them. To manage all the tasks in a proper way, institutions need a centralized solution. CloudVandana provides a customized Salesforce Implementation so that the institutions can manage the tasks in an organized way. We attach all the features available with Salesforce CRM and with the Salesforce education cloud.

2. Teachers Management

For an educational organization, it is another very important thing to manage the teachers and the professors in a nice way. With the help of Salesforce CRM, institutions can easily manage all the faculty from a single dashboard. Education cloud helps teachers to gain more perception so that they can help the students to increase their efficiency. The Salesforce CRM provides a unified dashboard for both teachers and students together with the features of the Salesforce education cloud. CloudVandana can provide unified, efficient, and cost-effective Salesforce Solutions to the institutions so that they can perform their best.

3.Parents Portal

Salesforce education cloud provides an option so that a parent portal can be made. Every parent is concerned about their kids’ performance. The portal features every detail of every student and gives access to the parents to view the details of their child. Through this system, parents get connected with the institution which has a very positive impact.


Marketing is essential for every business, as well as for educational institutions. To secure a better position in the competitive market, Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps every organization to achieve the goal they are seeking for. Institutions can perform their best and can provide a customized service that comes to their system with their personalized information.

5. Automation

Salesforce is known for its automation for its services and products. CloudVandana can automate most of the process so that institutions or any organization can build better solutions. CloudVandana can implement the automation process so that the institution can make the most out of its investments. Thus Salesforce has a great impact on the educational industry.

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