Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM  solution that provides the best solution to every sector. It provides tools for sales, marketing, and customer support to businesses of all sizes. But users can avail all the features of Salesforce if the implementation process follows the proper rules. 

To implement Salesforce in the ecosystem of any organization, a proper plan is very much needed. Without a proper plan and expertise, the implementation leads to many time-consuming issues afterward. Working with a registered Salesforce Partner like CloudVandana ensures an organization can achieve all of its business goals and get the most value from Salesforce

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the common mistakes during implementing Salesforce and the ways to avoid them. 

1. Underestimating Salesforce Implementation Requirements

For a successful implementation process, Salesforce experts need to understand the organization’s requirements first. But unfortunately, many organizations underestimate this element so they fail to implement a highly customized Salesforce solution. Salesforce experts can help them to build a customized Salesforce solution for better outcomes. 

2. Not Giving Priority To Data Clean Up

Salesforce implementation teams generally focus on the new features instead of focusing on data clean-up and interaction. Sometimes, these moves cause delayed implementation. As a result duplicate or dirty data can interrupt the work process and cause unnecessary downtime to resolve. An expert Salesforce professional ensures that the data auditing and clean-up are addressed before implementation to achieve the best results for the business goals. 

3. No post-Salesforce implementation plan

This is an important Salesforce implementation mistake that might affect the organization’s success. Most organizations do not pay attention to maintenance after the implementation. But the post-implementation process is also very important for long-term success. A registered Salesforce partner can continuously monitor and ensure that the data in the ecosystem remains clean. 

4. Lacking In Employee Training

A successful Salesforce implementation runs successfully when the employees are fully trained with the system. Salesforce provides endless business opportunities to organizations, but if the employees are not properly trained, they cant utilize the latest features provided by Salesforce. Organizations should conduct training sessions for the employees to provide them with the basic knowledge of Salesforce operations. 

These upper mentioned points are the main mistakes that companies should avoid for seamless Salesforce automation. But there is another important point to consider. Salesforce implementation seems very easy but trying to do everything on your own with an in-house team might not give you the best results. Even the organizations who are using Salesforce, also need an experienced salesforce partner like CloudVandana for the constant support, maintenance, and up-gradation. 

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