Salesforce Industry Cloud is the newest addition to the Salesforce ecosystem, which started shortly after the Salesforce-Vlocity acquisition. It is the new name of Vlocity, which was introduced to build industry-specific CRM solutions for Cloud and mobile use. Vlocity was rebranded to Salesforce Industries for delivering complete customized CRM solutions to every industry. 

This platform provides digital transformation to businesses to meet every need of their customers. Salesforce helps the industries to leverage specific processes and solutions to increase sales, service and create operational efficiencies. CloudVandana, the registered salesforce partner, will focus on the functionalities and benefits of this platform in this blog. 

Following are some of the leading clouds of this industry transformation. 

Media And Communication Clouds

Media and communications clouds create a seamless customer experience. They provide various services like subscription services, managing orders, quotes, etc., through a single integrated platform. 

Financial Services Cloud

Financial Service Cloud offers financial management for retail and commercial clients, wealth management, insurance markets, etc. This platform manages pipelines, team collaboration and increases AI-driven product recommendations. In addition, this platform provides a single customer view for their policies, financial records, etc. Platform Encryption helps to keep the financial account information secure and confidential.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Health Cloud integration with EHR provides easy access to clinical and non-clinical patient and member data, including the health conditions of patients, their appointment history, and other additional data for a personalized healthcare experience. 

Manufacturing Cloud

Manufacturing Cloud provides a complete view of the orders and revenues for manufacturers, adding visibility to the ecosystem. Teams can have a single location to define the frequency for orders, negotiate the price for orders and track performance with the basic order information. 

Consumer Goods Cloud

Consumer Goods Cloud enhances the capabilities of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud with an extended data model. In addition, AI and guided selling improve operational efficiency and in-field execution to manage price. 

Benefits Of Salesforce Industries

With the help of new CRM technologies, sales and operational teams are aligned across the business with accuracy, partner trust, agreement compliance, and demand visibility. Let’s have a look at the key benefits of this Cloud Platform.

Flexible Data Model

It allows fast prototyping with minimized custom development and quick conversion from an idea to a working solution. In addition, it takes less time to implement industry clouds, and the build-once-and-reuse strategy helps reduce future maintenance costs.

Security And Compliance

Salesforce Industries adopt the out-of-the-box security features fully built on the cire Salesforce platform. In addition, admins can add an extra layer of compliance by applying metadata-driven tools by this cloud platform. 

Stable Instance

It is prevalent to fix bugs that come as a result of some unnecessary customizations. This platform of Salesforce reduces the chance to break after adjustments with an embedded procedure debugger. In addition, it does not interrupt any existing customization and helps in required integrations. 

So this was an overview of the Salesforce Industry Cloud. If you want to know more benefits and additional functionalities, please schedule a call with the Salesforce experts of CloudVandana

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