Salesforce, the #1 global CRM brand, has recently announced the lunch of Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited, the‘ Unlimited Edition.’ This edition of Sales cloud works as a unified solution for all Sales requirements of businesses. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the overview of Sales Cloud Unlimited. 

Salesforce has always provided unique solutions to businesses to move them forward seamlessly. This CRM platform understands the challenges faced by the organizations to keep switching between numerous platforms and applications to get some repetitive jobs done, so keeping that in mind, the Unlimited edition of Sales Cloud is designed and developed by providing some AI and ML-powered features that are going to make work easier. 

Let’s look at the details of this Edition.

Sales Cloud Unlimited

Sales Cloud Unlimited is a unified sales rep platform that combines artificial intelligence automation and analytics. It is an empowering tool that allows sales teams to increase revenue from the outset by speeding up workflow and decreasing costs.

Sales Cloud understands the unique needs of every business, so it comes in different editions with different pricing. The editions are Essential Edition,  Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, and the newly launched Unlimited Editions. 

1. The essential edition is suitable for small businesses with up to 10 members. The provided services are basic sales management and automated processes to track accounts, customer cases, and many more. 

2. Professional Edition is suitable for businesses that have more of a requirement for reporting and forecasting in their work. This Edition allows businesses that have requirements for reporting and forecasting the work. These editions allow businesses to create and track records and quotes. Even those quotes can be customized. 

3. Enterprise Edition allows businesses to customize the Sales Cloud platform based on their requirements. The basic services are included in the enterprise edition. 

4. Unlimited edition launched recently, which acts as an automated digital factory setup for large organizations, serving each of their requirements. The most important feature of this edition is the admins can access multiple sandboxes for developing and testing purposes, allowing them to try and test various functionalities before adding them into production and pushing them out for customers. 

Let’s discuss the features-

1. Sales Engagement And Salesforce Inbox

They offer a unified selling experience and workflow automation. Through this tool, sales representatives can connect to all customer touchpoints on one platform, letting them act as trusted advisors to the customers. 

They together offer a unified selling experience as well as workflow automation. With this tool, reps can connect to all customer touchpoints on one platform, which lets them act as trusted advisors to their customers.

2. Built-In AI Solution

It delivers millions of real-time recommendations and intelligently embeds them into workflows to help sales representatives with customers in a new way. 

3. Embedded Call Coaching

This edition is powered by Einstein Conversation Insights, which transcribes conversations and analyzes call details, delivering actionable feedback to help representatives to focus on customer engagements and meet customer needs. 

4. New Sales Cloud For Slack

It provides seamless integration with Salesforce so that the teams can easily automate deal statuses and maintain records. 

The Unlimited Edition consists of various versions of revenue intelligence customized according to multiple industries worldwide. These are finance services cloud intelligence, Manufacturing Cloud Intelligence, Consumer Goods Cloud Intelligence, and Energy and Utilities Cloud Intelligence. 

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