Why AMP Scripting?

It is essential to create and deliver one-to-one personalized communications by digital marketers. The lines between digital marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are blurring because the need for highly personalized communication is more significant now. Today’s big challenge in digital marketing is to deliver sophisticated personalized touch across multiple channels.AMP Script is designed to meet these challenges.AMP Script helps expand the marketing cloud’s functionality by creating one-to-one personalized communications.

What is AMP Scripting?

AMP Script is a scripting language used in Salesforce Marketing Cloud for creating advanced dynamic content in emails, landing pages, SMS, and push messages. AMP Script is used to personalize the emails using Subscriber or Contact data. AMP Script is also used to add real-time information to emails like dates or times.

AMP Script can be embedded within HTML code. When the system processes the code, we have included the AMP Script in the message; it will render the content on a subscriber-by subscriber basis.

AMP Script code can be used to update the data extensions utilizing the information from landing pages. In addition, the data from data extensions can also be retrieved using AMP Script.

How to write AMP Script?

AMP Script is an interpreted language and runs on the server-side. AMP Script code is contained within a character sequence that opens and closes with double percentage marks.

An inner bracket([]) delimiter is used for AMP Script blocks, and an equality character (=) is used for inline AMP Scripting.

AMP Script blocks help us to declare and set variables. Using the AMP Script block, we can define what we want to do step by step.AMP Script blocks can do a little more than Inline AMPScripts.

Inline AMP Script can be used to use a single function. The output of the process is displayed where the inline AMP Script code appears.AMP Script can also be written inside the script tag.

The use of variables is mandatory in AMPScript.When any functions need variables, they can be used. AMP Script is an interpreted language; hence the declaration of the variables to be used should be made first. Functions are called either within an AMP Script block or inline AMPScript, at the place where they should appear on the page or in the message. Conditional and loop statements are supported in AMPScript.

Marketing Cloud uses link redirection before sending to a destination link to provide tracking. AMP Script enables us to do dynamic link tracking. Using AMP Script, we can include dynamic content as an attribute in HTML anchor links within an HTML email content.

Marketing cloud supports two types of personalization strings: attribute-based and system-based. Personalization strings can be used in the AMP Script block. For example, a system personalization string can be used to different messages or text based on the day of a week or an extra month. Another use of system personalization is to pass identifiers such as an email id or a subscriber id in order to track the subscriber behavior. In AMP Script, the personalization string calls should not be inside the double percentage marks.

AMP Script uses predefined functions, which help display, store, or update customer data.AMP Script functions are pure functions, which take some input and display output based on the information. Some of the AMP Script functions are organized by category like  API, Date/ Time, Math, Encryption, etc.

There are some miscellaneous functions in AMP Script which help to check the value of the variable is null or not. In addition, AMP Script supports certain functions that support social sharing functions. And finally, the Sales and Service Cloud function connects us to Salesforce data.

Let’s discuss some real-time scenarios where AMP Script can be used. For example, suppose an organization needs to send a monthly newsletter that displays the reward points of the subscriber and also shows a new coupon for the next purchase. In that case, AMP Script can get personal information from the subscriber’s DE and from Purchase DE other details regarding reward points. Of course, this would not be easy without using AMP Script.

AMP Script can be used to make sure that your data is client-friendly. The ProperCase function helps clean up the presentation of the data.

Compared to other scripting languages, AMP Script is developed for a one-to-one environment. The content is displayed only after the script is processed and interpreted. The hand can be embedded with HTML emails, landing pages, SMS messages, and push messages. AMP Script uses straightforward syntax, so it’s easy to learn and code. As a result, it is clear for marketers to understand the language and create relevant, personalized content.

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