A mobile CRM is a version of the CRM solution which can be accessed from a mobile device. A salesperson needs to provide lots of effort to maintain the customer relationship management(CRM) platform and move the deals through the sales pipeline. He needs to be updated every time. So Salesforce mobile CRM is the best solution for every salesperson.

With the lightning experience into the Salesforce mobile app, the approach of consumers has changed. Consumers have made Salesforce the world’s number one CRM. There are so many features in the Salesforce mobile app. CloudVandana is sharing some of the advantages of the mobile app, so that a Salesperson can access the CRM from anywhere, at his fingertip.

Advantages of Salesforce Mobile App

  • Einstein Analytics
  • Customer 360
  • Lead Generation
  • High-level output
  • Solid Security
  • Great user experience

Einstein Analytics

For every organization, finding valuable insights from their data archive is challenging. Almost 70% of the data is regarding customers. Not only that, getting intelligent insights with explanations and recommendations are also very difficult. Here comes Salesforce with its data scientist to rescue. Salesforce created Einstein Analytics which can solve these difficulties with expertise. Salesforce Einstein gives a complete view of the business, including resource management. These significances can be seen using the dashboards.  A salesperson can immediately consider any high-risk case using the Salesforce mobile CRM. Einstein shows all the factors which are affecting customer satisfaction, so the salesperson can immediately boost those points to satisfy the customers. Einstein works like a magic wand tool. It helps anyone to perform his best, irrespective of any devices.

Customer 360

Salesforce provides access to the operator to view customer 360. It is a tool for customer data management. It allows personalized customer engagement through various channels, including sales, service, and marketing. Customer 360 can be unified with the existing services like marketing cloud, commerce cloud, and service cloud. It helps to maintain a standard format across all Salesforce Products, like sales cloud, community cloud, service cloud, health cloud, CPQ, Pardot, financial services to B2B marketing and lightning network. It allows access to all data for Einstein and the Salesforce mobile app to work in an integrated manner.

Lead Generation

Through mobile CRM a salesperson can develop a lead in a hassle-free way and can handle the sales processes in a better way. The lightning mode activity timeline enables users to view the details of a lead and specifics of every task related to that lead, even a meeting or a call schedule. The ‘Path’  component helps in monitoring different stages of the business process, while the ‘News’ component offers on-time information on the leads.

High-Level Output

In a mobile application, high-performance output plays an important role. Salesforce made Lightning Web Components as the custom HTML elements. It provides a new experience in lightweight application creation with Salesforce. In this manner, it delivers a very high-performance output.

Solid Security

Salesforce offers upgraded security features. LockerService is a function provided by Salesforce that helps in protecting the platform against malicious data. The user faces a high level of security with every sign-in process.

Great User Experience

Salesforce Mobile app provides an excellent user interface. It saves time and effort for a developer. Though the interface is very user-friendly, still to get the maximum benefits of Salesforce capabilities, a Salesforce Consultant is always a great option. Registered Salesforce Partners like CloudVandana can help any organization or individual with every solution regarding Salesforce and can Implement according to the preference and requirements. We have only mentioned a few benefits of Salesforce Mobile CRM. To get to know more about the benefits of Mobile CRM, book a 15 minutes Consultation call with CloudVandana.

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