Salesforce NFT Cloud is a non-fungible token marketplace. The open platform will allow users to mint and transact in NFTs. While it is in the closed pilot, the company plans an official launch in October. 

At the World Tour London conference, the firm’s Web3 Studio Co-Founder, Marc Mathieu, introduced NFT Cloud Pilot. This service supports sustainable NFT minting and distribution for brands and marketers. 

Today, CloudVandana will discuss the new announcement of Salesforce, NFT Cloud. 

This platform assists with fraud protection, sustainable blockchains, and real-time carbon offset options to reduce emissions. 

Salesforce NFT Cloud

To mint an NFT, an organization admin must visit the NFT Cloud online hub, and through a no-code service, marketers will choose the number of required NFTs and rarity levels for collections. 

When marketers choose their NFT preferences, the platform automatically produces a report outlining the sustainability of their collection. In addition, NFT Cloud Pilot integrates the workplace communications platform Slack to enable brand marketers to manage competitions and promotions that award loyal customers with an NFT drop. 

The Slack integration allows marketers to track real-time customer engagement figures from individual distribution channels. 

Though the exact offerings are still unknown, the following features we can expect-

Enhanced Digital Experiences

Salesforce’s NFT Cloud maintains the gap between digital and physical experiences with new ways to engage diverse communities with integrated data. Users can mint and sell NFTs on a secure yet sustainable platform while accelerating the company’s growth into new digital worlds with little or no code. 

Drive Customer Loyalty

It can be expected that this Cloud-platform will enable companies to interact with and support clients in more meaningful ways. For example, this #1 CRM brand aims to promote customer loyalty through exclusive deals and perks, early access to product drops, and community memberships for NFT owners.

The Future Of Technology Has Arrived

This platform indicates that they are entering into the next evolution of the internet and are reimaging the possibilities with Web 3.0. It will empower the employees and allow customers to take full advantage of their digital identity. 

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