Salesforce opportunity stages describe the high-level phases within the sales process. The opportunity tab in Salesforce captures potential and ongoing deals currently pursued by the sales team in the organization. The Opportunities tab provides holistic progress of each value being followed and helps manage team effort spent per deal. No two sales team members approach the same client for the same opportunity, thus increasing the sales team’s efficiency.

Further, since opportunities are tracked on a real-time basis thus each opportunity’s progress is as accurate as it can get, and management can view each opportunity’s progress with accuracy. Every deal undergoes various sales stages as per the organization’s sales process before it is closed; these stages are termed “Opportunity Stages” in Salesforce. It is highly recommended that each business defines and customizes the sales process as per the firm’s business requirements, as shown below.

Steps to customize your own sales process

Step 1: Go to Setup, search for path settings, and enable “New Path.”

Step 2: Select “New Path.”

Step 3: List the Path Name and API Reference Name and select “Object Name.” Then, select the “Record Type” and the “Picklist Field” for which you want to customize a new path. Lastly, click on “Next.”

Step 4: Customize the “Positions” and “Stages” as per your business requirements.

Step 5: Activate your path and click on “Finish” 

Step 6: You can see the created path from the path settings 


A firm can increase its sales process productivity through Salesforce functionalities by automating various sales stages while pursuing an opportunity. 

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