Salesforce is considered the #CRM worldwide. Businesses globally spend millions of dollars annually on Salesforce services. Sales and service enablement process, talent acquisition, material, and technology optimization, are a few of these offerings. So, it is advisable to track the Salesforce performance to track the overall organizational performance. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the effective way to measure the Salesforce Org Performance. 

When an organization keeps an eye on the Salesforce org, they can notice various issues, report those to Salesforce, and get help faster. So opportunities can’t be closed because of unmanaged exceptions. To stay competitive, many organizations rely on Salesforce CRM to retain workflow visibility, enhance processes, employ the most recent tools and innovations and allow Sales and services and other functions. 

Measuring Organizational Performance

Performance and scalability are two important factors in measuring strategies for organizational Salesforce org. So the implementation process should be scalable and should provide increased performance. 

Create Key Personas

This step includes creating a precise sandbox organization and using key personas while taking the test. The organization should make sure that the sandbox’s database structure corresponds to the one in production. They should find the requests per second(RPS). It combines incoming API calls and XML HTTP requests. These both are supported by Event Monitoring. In addition, organizations can estimate their size and shape, the number of accounts, feeds, groups, users, and other elements in the data. After building the Sandbox organization, it is recommended to identify the key personas and base the testing on the flows. Data volumes and visibility vary between identities. Based on the personas, a site map can be created. After that,  performance tests can be performed. 

Performance Tests

Performance tests can be created to evaluate the stress on the data, networks, and essential personalities. Before analyzing the org performance, it is advisable to test the browser’s octane rating and network performance to avoid any performance issues later. The elements need to be tested, and the metrics that need to be evaluated for each test. The performance test should e conducted numerous times to eliminate variance. The testing may uncover various problems that should be fixed immediately. 

Use The Lightning Usage App 

Utilizing the EPT counter to measure individual pages would be preferable due to the Lightning Usage App’s ability to integrate performance data. 

Mixing Elements From Lightning Usage App

To measure EPT with dashboards and reports in the Lightning Usage App, a report can be created by using a Lightning Usage App Object. 

Event Monitoring Analytics App

EPT with the Event Monitoring Analytics App could be measured using the Lightning Performance dashboard. Event types can be utilized to monitor various performance components. In addition, various automated processes can be used for evaluation. So, it is essential to keep an eye on the business to avail the maximum possibilities. 

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