Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a Salesforce product. Salesforce launched its Revenue Cloud in November 2020. Salesforce CPQ  is a foundational product that is a part of offerings. In this blog, CloudVandana provides a brief description of Salesforce Revenue Cloud. Salesforce Revenue Cloud puts together the functionalities of CPQ, Billing, PRM, and B2B Commerce, focusing on customers to take control of their revenue growth across all channels.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud incorporates Sales channels to provide a seamless experience. For example, a customer can take specific configurations or services and then reach out to a sales representative for a discount. If the representative has a complete understanding of the customer’s product details, then the representative can easily help the customers at their fingertips for a smooth transaction.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a CPQ-B2B Commerce connector that allows businesses to customize their complex B2B selling, and add configurable pricing to digital carts for a self-service experience. Many businesses need to keep their cash flow positive, so revenue leakage, high operational costs, and inconsistent data solutions must be there in a scalable and transparent way.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a solution that gives access to companies to connect sales, partners, operations, legal, and finance teams around a single source of truth for revenue and customer transactions, from purchase to revenue reconciliation. This provides a smooth and optimized solution for both data and people, reducing manual steps. 

Why Revenue Cloud Is needed

 For any business, prospects and customers are the main important area to focus on. So following are the three main factors that indicate that organizations need to implement Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Inconsistent Data

If Salesforce Revenue Cloud is not implemented in any organization, it is very common that their sales data is inconsistent or requires manual intervention to the customer support process. An insufficient data or the wrong configuration makes it difficult for the Sales Representatives to quote properly. So the Sales representative needs to spend more time with that quote for rectification. So Salesforce Revenue Cloud should come as a savior for giving the partners and customers a seamless experience from the initial interaction to the final invoicing.

Difficulties With Proper Quoting And Billing Capabilities

Native Sales Cloud quoting capabilities are not scaling to meet the growing needs of customers. With segmented invoice and quoting systems, there is a high chance of errors. Salesforce Revenue Cloud combines several solutions into one solution, so quoting and billing can be made into a single integrated platform.

Lack Of Systematic Rule

Without any systematic rules, companies can not guide the business process properly. By making systematic rules, companies can ensure precious resources are consumed in a better way with customers receiving a quote, order, and invoice that can be easily drafted from start to finish. 

If any of the upper mentioned symptoms are creating inconvenience, then it might be the proper time to implement Salesforce Revenue Cloud into the organization. Revenue Cloud can easily solve these challenges for a stronger, healthier future.

Business Enhancement With Salesforce

All of the above-mentioned points indicate a broken user experience that needs to be modified. Salesforce Revenue Cloud’s components are particularly designed to solve these difficulties and additionally, the platform follows Salesforce’s three releases a year program to add additional functionalities. Through the interface of Salesforce Revenue Cloud, end-users and partners can use either Salesforce Sales Cloud or PRM to access the CPQ interface to deliver quotes. As everyone shares the same toolset to create quotes, consistency can be maintained. Additionally, partners can gather information about products and services through the PRM. Besides quoting, it also helps in the promotional material, training guides, and shared client data.

In a similar way, Salesforce Billing provides access to necessary documents on a common interface with the whole process of quote-to-cash living on a single platform.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud increases revenue growth by optimizing revenue efficiency by introducing scalable processes that are consistent and functional. So, to improve any organization’s functionality to create a seamless customer experience, Revenue Cloud is very essential for any organization. 

Picture Courtesy: Salesforce 

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