Salesforce Revenue Intelligence is a data-driven solution that unifies Tableau CRM dashboards and analytics with an easy-to-visualize pipeline progress flow chart in Pipeline inspection. Revenue intelligence also includes Einstein Forecasting, Einstein Activity Capture, and many more. 

It is about knowing that human beings are great at selling, but it is harder for them to analyze large amounts of data. Instead of focusing on aggregate sales performance data, sales managers can focus on granular metrics to determine the performance of the salespeople and why they’re succeeding. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss Salesforce revenue intelligence and its key benefits. 

Salesforce Revenue Intelligence is the practice of using data and analytics to drive revenue growth. It is a new form of marketing. It helps to understand the performance better to boost sales. 

The Benefits Of Salesforce Revenue Intelligence

1. Improve The Quality

The solution can help to determine if they’re creating the right selling processes. Suppose they spend too much time on a prospect that finally falls through the cracks and spends lesser time on a prospect that has chances towards conversion. 

2. Capture Every Sale

It is not enough to know that the sales team made a sale to a particular customer. True sales intelligence tells you both. Other types of reports don’t tell you who you sold and what services you sold. 

3. Improve The Quality Of The Sales Representatives

Organizations that generate revenue intelligence know which sales representatives are most successful and which customer segments are best for each representative, the most effective roles are most effective, and which representatives are best to have on the same team. 

4. Forecast Future Sales

When the sales team can understand how the customers buy and where they buy and determine how they’ll perform in the future. The sales team can analyze the current customers to determine the future of the conversion. 

5. Answer Every Query

Revenue intelligence can answer every question asked by the sales leader regarding the team, like which process is working and what is not working. These insights help to drive sales and enhance the business. This platform helps to enhance your Sales team when you are confused while going ahead with your data. 

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