Salesforce Safety Cloud has been recently launched by Salesforce, the #1 leader in customer relationship management. It will guide organizations to get together safely. In addition, safety businesses with better health and protocols. Employees can experience safety at events and workstations. 

Today in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the functionalities and benefits of Safety Cloud to ensure safety and health. 

Salesforce Safety Cloud

Two years of pandemics have brought a lot of challenges everywhere, including in the workspace. To change these challenges, Salesforce has launched a new platform, named Salesforce Safety Cloud, to monitor and manage the COVID 19 safety measures in gatherings and get-togethers. Initially, this platform will handle the events and meetings, but later on, the platform will monitor the workspace protocols. 

Through this platform, organizations can collect and verify the health status of their employees and customers through test results, vaccination records, and health attestations. In addition, customers can take the help of this platform to define and automatically implement event safety measures. For example, organizations can use this platform to send a personalized email to the event attendees about all the testing requirements and deadlines. 

This Cloud platform can be integrated at home, pharmacy, or onsite Covid-19 testing options so that test results can be automatically sent to the platform. Safety Cloud also supports SMART health cards and digital COVID  Certificates, paper or digital versions of clinical information like vaccination history or test results. This platform has facilitated more than 21,500 COVID-19 tests and verified more than 8,000 vaccine credentials in Dreamforce 2021.

Let’s have a look at the three key benefits of Salesforce Safety Cloud on businesses.

Benefits Of Safety Clouds

1. Organizations can streamline the COVID-19 testing and health status reporting with this platform. In positive cases, employees would not have to visit a physical location to verify their health status to get approval. 

2. Flexible And Scalable Protocol can be created through this platform to bring people back safely. With the help of test and vaccine status requirements, a personalized journey can be created. 

3. This platform can provide an automatic entry to the workspace. Employees can get a secured multifactor pass for validating access. Identification and health status can be combined into a Dreampass, a smart and secure pass for validated access. 

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