Salesforce Service Cloud has been recognized as the world’s best customer service solution. It is built on the SaaS model. It provides more functional and productive customer service on the cloud. With the help of the Salesforce service cloud, companies can scale their operations easily and with quick effects to reach their present as well as future service requirements. The Salesforce service cloud boosts an organization’s customer service experience.

Key Benefits Of Salesforce Service Cloud

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Better Agent Productivity

Decreased Maintenance Cost

Integration To Platform Ecosystem

Agent Productivity

Salesforce Service Cloud helps the agent to quickly and efficiently respond to customers on any channel. Features such as live agent, omnichannel, knowledge base, Email-to -case, skill-based routing, macros, milestone tracking, etc. are the key tools that help the agents to perform better. These performances are measured through Salesforce Lightning Console, which has been designed for agent productivity.


Lightning Console

The lightning console increases agent productivity. The Lightning Console collects the agent experience and provides all the information from the customer profile, case history to the dashboards.

Live Agent

The live agent allows a customer to connect to a service agent through the web in real-time while providing multilingual support. This allows a real-time 1:1 chat instantly from any device. 

Mobile App

Salesforce Service Cloud can be managed from anywhere. It gives access to the agents to solve the problem from anywhere and executives can monitor real-time metrics with the Salesforce Service Cloud mobile app.


The communities provide support to the customers whenever required. This provides the agents and the customer’s tools for greater engagement and quick problem-solving.


The knowledgebase is embedded in the agent console. Through this, agents can find access easily and deliver the right message to the customers. It also allows the agents to share their knowledge with any other channel or device.

Service wave Analytics

Salesforce Service Cloud got the power of wave analytics through the service wave analytics app. It gives access to every service manager to quickly check on case management, agent efficiency, and channel optimization from anywhere.


SOS provides support to work beyond the traditional support channels with live agent video support, screen sharing, two-way audio communication, and on-screen annotation in any mobile app to provide an engaging service experience to the customers.9. Salesforce Workflow Automation upgrades the onboarding and training process for new employees. 

Social Customer Service

This provides the customer service team with the tools to create and operate cases on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.

Omni Routing

Omni Channel authorizes automatic routing of work items( cases, leads, etc.) to the most appropriate and available agent. This lets Administrators configure the Salesforce service cloud to distribute work pressure based on employee’s skill sets, availability, and capacity to handle the work. This also secures immediate action to the work.

Salesforce Service Cloud is mostly used by website agents to solve customers’ queries immediately. It also provides features such as the Public Knowledge Base, Web-to-case, call center, and the self-service portal,  as well as customer service automation.

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