Salesforce has recently expanded its cloud family by adding a new member, Tableau Cloud. On 17th May 2022, Salesforce launched Tableau Cloud at the annual Tableau Conference to provide a quick and easy way for customers to avail of all the services of Tableau on an enterprise scale. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the newly added features of the next generation of Tableau. 

It is a next-generation solution that was formerly known as Tableau Online. This cloud solution covers innovations that enhance productivity by offering powerful, easy-to-use analytical tools to get deep insight and make data-driven decisions. 

This Cloud is helping Salesforce to step ahead with its Customer 360 by providing actionable insights to customers so their trusted data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. 

Tableau Cloud

Tableau is the step in the evolution of fully-hosted cloud-based solutions enabling smarter decisions through fast and easy analytics. It provides the leading analytics platform for faster and more confident decisions. Instead of on-premise or hybrid solutions, most customers prefer to choose Tableau Cloud to boost their analytics. One of the key reasons why customers rely on Tableau is its speed, easy-to-use, and flexible benefits. 

Key Features Of Tableau

After discussing an overview, let’s look at the key features.

Deliver Quick, Automated Insights

The data language is required to work on Salesforce Tableau Cloud, but the concept behind it is to find insights and patterns in data that users utilize. The users are unable to speak the data language, so the Tableau team makes the data speak, which can be easily understood by the users. This Cloud solution provides data stories that give easy-to-understand explanations and story writing for data. So users can get a better understanding of underlying patterns and insights. 

Accelerators Are Now Expanded

This solution uses accelerators for enhancement. Accelerators are dashboards that organizations can use for quick data input to obtain insights. This platform is increasing its Accelerators on the Tableau Exchange. This is an exchange of offerings that helps in extending the Tableau Platform and provides a faster time to value to customers. Presently, more than 100 accelerators are available on Tableau Exchange. The Tableau Exchange is full of in-product capability features that enable customers to explore and utilize the Tableau Exchange offerings. 

Einstein In Tableau

Tableau works well in developing Salesforce customer 360 and allows customers to strengthen their data to get actionable insight. The tableau consists of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning(ML) technology that allows users to make quick decisions. 

Einstein discovery is a text clustering that harnesses the power of Machine Learning (ML) models to bring out hidden insights by extracting keywords from large text fields, ensuring enhanced decision-making. It also includes Bias Detection for multiclass models through which users can root out bias by using variables without retaining an entire model. Users can use multi-class more frequently and expand the use case options. 

Advanced Management 

Tableau has introduced advanced management, which combines manageability, security, and scalability functionality across the enterprise. It saves time for IT to manage Tableau at scale. With these capabilities, administrators can get an in-depth insight into the performance and provide a better experience. 

With the Salesforce Tableau Cloud, users can easily understand, share, and distribute distrusted data by automatically adding plain-language explanations. 

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