Salesforce has been recognized as the world’s no. 1CRM software. According to them, a salesperson only spends 34 percent of their time selling. The surveyed sales representatives stated that they need to spend too much time on other tasks like managing emails, logging activities, imputing sales data, finding the contact person, follow-ups tasks, etc. If these other processes can be automated, time will be saved and salespeople can concentrate on sales for the growth of the Organization. 

Following are the few benefits of Salesforce Workflow Automation.

1. Automation expands competitive advantages. Salesforce workflow automation can help businesses to increase their sales by up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34%, and forecast accuracy by 42%. If an organization adopts Salesforce workflow automation for their Sales team, their highly trained and skilled sales team can concentrate on selling, not on administrative tasks, so the company’s growth can reach the target.

2. Automation processes not only gear up the tasks but also provide reliable information and productivity. By decreasing the manual data entry process, an organization can save time on data entry and remove human error certify more accurate, consistent, and complete information in the database. In addition, it is cost-effective for any organization. 

3. Salesforce workflow automation ensures to get the right information to the right people at the right time when handling leads. For example, if a lead comes, automation ensures to nurture the leads properly and prevents the lead from falling through the cracks. 

4. Salesforce workflow automation makes the sales team activities smooth. A sales manager can identify the individual performance within the sales team. So it becomes easy to identify the efficient employees and the ones who might need further training.

5. Salesforce workflow automation provides step-by-step processes, so there is no chance for a process to be accidentally skipped. Sometimes new salespeople skip some steps during a deal which they shouldn’t. Automation adds a format and accountability for the sales team so that no steps get skipped and the sales team leads to a high win rate and overall shorter sales cycle.

6. Sales Manager can access the visibility into workflows and tasks to get a proper idea about the position of the lead in the sales funnel. If the lead goes unmapped or any other activities become unfinished, the sales manager can make an adjustment to the sales process or workflow.

7. Salesforce Workflow Automation provides consistent results capturing measurable and actionable data. So it becomes easier for a sales manager to make informed decisions. A well-organized sales process amongst team members makes the conversion rate higher. For example, they can have an idea about all the phone calls and campaigns clearly through the automation process to convert the leads into customers.

8. Any change is easier to manage through Salesforce Workflow Automation. Automation Increases the speed and efficiency of making changes within an organization. There is no need to schedule or work for each individual department to implement a change as it makes the process universal.

9. Salesforce Workflow Automation upgrades the onboarding and training process for new employees. 

10. Automation gives the opportunity to implement best practices. A sales manager or a marketer can A/B test and compare results and choose the best to automate the winning process.

CloudVandana is flexible enough to automate processes and succession for every role in any department. Each department can create multiple plans to enhance the organization assuring no business falls through the cracks.

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