Activity Timeline gives a complete overview of your upcoming and past activities on the record pages. With the continuous enhancements by Salesforce, we can make the best use of the activity timeline.

Recent Improvements to the activity timeline make scanning, finding, and acting on activities easier for your sales reps. Expanded scrolling—up to 32 activities—reduces clicks and eases scanning for the activity that a rep is looking for. 

Grouping activities in the activity timeline by month lets reps find activities quickly and make sense of periods of time without customer activity. Relative dates, for example, one, two, or three months ago, let reps see the pace of activities.

This feature will increase the productivity of the sales rep as well as keep them updated on the recent engagements with their clients. e.g. Monthly groups of activities make it easier to find that event in May or the email received three months ago.

Note: We recommend that you put the activity timeline component at the bottom of a layout, with no other components beneath it

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