It is essential to set up an optimized search layout in Salesforce if you are looking to get the most out of this customer relationship management platform. With the right tools and techniques, you can increase efficiency by making it easier for users to find what they want quickly. This guide offers tips on setting up a powerful search configuration in Salesforce.

Enable Search Layout in Salesforce and Set Default Criteria

It is important to enable search layouts so that users can easily search for and find the objects they need. You can decide which fields are visible and which ones are searchable. Additionally, you can set default search criteria so that queries often have specific results in mind. You should only enable fields that will be useful in a search and include the appropriate filters to provide the best possible results.

Determine What Fields You Need to Use in Planning Your Layout

When determining what fields you need to include in your search layout, think about the most common searches and results that you’ll want to support. Consider the context of each search, like why users are searching for objects. Think about which fields should filter out irrelevant records and what minimum information needs to be available for users to find the records they need.

Optimize the Profile-Specific Customization of Search Layouts

Based on the number of fields and filters included in a search layout, you’ll want to profile-specific customization to ensure that the searches are optimized for different users. This means that each user’s search preferences can be different depending on their setup. This allows for more efficient searches and better precision when navigating records.

Utilize Advanced Find for Creating More Complex Queries

Salesforce Advanced Find is a powerful feature that allows users to combine criteria and build out queries using rule-based logic. Advanced Find is useful for finding products, contacts, opportunities, and other records in Salesforce with great precision. With this tool, you can create dynamic search filters on single or multiple objects at once and quickly find items that match the criteria.

Consider Increasing the Number of Records Showing per Page Using Pagination Widgets & Links

To optimize your Salesforce Advanced Find searches, it’s essential to consider the number of records showing on each page. You can easily adjust this setting by modifying the pagination option in Salesforce. You can add a widget or link to go directly to a specific page of the search results with just one click. Additionally, the pagination widgets and links provide users a convenient way to quickly navigate back and forth between pages when searching for records in Salesforce.

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