Let the Product Quantity Take Care of Itself When Sales Reps Work with Opportunities with this feature. You can set the default quantity of 1 for the products to be added to the opportunities.

Let’s take a common use case where you need to add 10-20 of products to your opportunity and most of the time you sell your product in the quantity of 1. When you add these products to the opportunity you have to click a minimum of 10 times to enter the quantity and save the opportunity. As you know your company sells most of the products in the quantity of one or wants to alter quantity at a later stage of your sales cycle. But to save the opportunity you still have to enter the quantity.If an opportunity and a quote are linked and the sort order of either record is changed, the sort order is updated during syncing.

When you use this feature and set the opportunity product quantity to 1 by default, you cut down on clicks when sales reps add products to opportunities. By adding a default value, you can remove the Quantity field from the product layout as it adds a quantity of 1 for all the added products.

If the quantity is always 1 (as with a subscription) or is unknown until later, a default quantity of 1 helps reps add products faster.


To add a default quantity of 1, go to the Opportunity Settings page and select the option. If you contacted Customer Support to add the default value, the option is selected for you.


To hide the Quantity field, go to the Object Manager and remove the field from the Opportunity Line Item page layout and multiline editor layout.

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