Staff Augmentation is a service that businesses across the world are adopting to hire the best on-demand developers for their ongoing or upcoming projects. On the other hand, Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibilities for maintaining a range of processes and functions for the purpose of improved operations and reduced expenditures through the reduction of directly-employed staff. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss an overview of Staff Augmentation and Managed IT services.

Location is no longer a restriction for hiring technical talent, and new opportunities are boosting the scale-ups to grow. Organizations are accepting this hiring model for hiring technical talent, and such new opportunities are boosting the organizations to grow and happily welcoming this new model of flexibility. Team Extension is giving new opportunities to businesses.

This model is highly beneficial for organizations that do not want to invest in operational costs, mainly for offshore projects. 

Staff Augmentation reduces the burden of the traditional recruitment process and the whole process is managed by the service provider. 

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services model is also very popular as it helps a project with absolute control from recruitment to training. It is a very effective model to achieve client satisfaction. Managed Services is an end-to-end approach where everything is taken care of by the service providers to deliver their best commitment. 

The Qualities Of A Staff Augmentation Company

Organizations should consider a few qualities while selecting the right staffing company to hire the best developers for their organization. Let’s have a look at the qualities-

1. A reputed staff augmentation company like CloudVandana can determine the skill gap and provide the best developer for enhancement and better scalability.

2. They can advise the best services that an organization requires. Depending on the project requirement, they can offer a short or long-term contract so that organizations do not need to pay extra costs after the completion of the project.

3. A good staff augmentation firm determines the time zone difference and provides the resources who are willing to work as per the organization’s suitable time schedule at a suitable rate.

4. A reputed staff augmentation firm always updates the organization about all the development stages associated with the project and maintains proper transparency. They also deploy the projects within the allotted period. So organizations do not need to bear the extra cost of maintaining the workforce. 

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