Continuous scrolling is a recent innovation by Google to change mobile search results. It has improved the SERPs, so it has an impact on SEO. In this article, CloudVandana gives an overview of continuous scrolling and its effects on search engine optimization. 

Marketers always differentiate between pages one and two while making the SEO Strategy. But recently, Google has started the Continuous Scrolling feature through which four pages come together. So instead of beaking the results down into pages, Google shows four pages through continuous scrolling. This feature is presently limited in the U.S. but will soon expand worldwide. 

People need to keep on clicking to experience this feature, but unfortunately, this is not ideal for user experience. Let’s have a look at the effectiveness of this feature on SEO. 

Effects Of Continuous Scrolling On SEO

Continuous Scrolling will change the interaction between the visitor and the search engine result pages in various ways. Following are the effects that the audience might experience if endless scrolling controls the SERPs. 

1. CTR Of Page One Might Go Down

Continuous scrolling is like the newsfeed of social media, so people are more likely to explore the other pages instead of staying on the first page. Therefore, as the other pages are more accessible, the CTR for page one results may drop. However, visitors will be more habituated to scrolling through the results, so the CTRs for page one will increase like before. 

2. More Quality Results

Google’s continuous scrolling adds various features to the search results, like the news feed on social media. It contains features like shopping, video, snippets, and many more. 

It is challenging to have too many rich elements on the static page, but it becomes more accessible with continuous scrolling from a user end. 

3. Page Two Impression Might Increase

Through the continuous scrolling feature, page two might be getting more impressions. But visitors may move to the following pages to explore more results, so it is hard to say that they will stop on page two. So there is a better chance for other pages to get the impressions. 

4. Zero-Click Searches Will Increase

Zero-click indicates to the search results that visitors do not open or click. Visitors click on the links with relevant headlines and proper meta descriptions. If continuous scrolling results in more rich features, it may lead to more zero-click searches. 

5. The Desktop Will Follow

The continuous scrolling feature has been started only for mobile devices, as it is easy to click on the ‘see more’ button to see more results. But there is a high chance of continuous scrolling to roll out on desktop if marketers experience enhanced ad revenue and improve UX. 

These were the significant impact that can occur if continuous scrolling takes place on all digital platforms in the future. 

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