Web development is the work involved in developing a website for the internet. Web development can range from developing a single static page of simple text to a complex web application. Web development generally refers to various complex tasks like web engineering, web design, web content development, and other development. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss six significant development trends in 2022. 

There are hundreds of millions of websites available on the internet. They are different in style, goals, and technology. However, instead of those differences in their characteristics, their aim to provide a seamless customer experience is always the same. 

1. PWA

PWA or Progressive Web Applications have become very popular in a couple of years. The concept of this web development is revolutionary as it is mainly applicable to open web development technologies. For example, HTTPS has been vastly spread for more than 20 years now. PWA makes the website operation similar to native apps. 

The features of PWA include HTTPS, Service workers, Application shell, Web App Manifest, and Pust Notifications. PWAs are like a transition point between the website and native applications, forming a hybrid of both web development technologies. 

2. WebAR

This web development is vastly used in e-commerce, advertising, and gaming. The WebAR technology understands the capability of a user to achieve an AR experience with the help of a simple browser. Users can observe 3D models and animation on the screen parallel to actual reality through this development technique. However, some extra AR/VR plugins, adequate lighting, an RGB camera, and a constant high-speed internet connection are required. Presently, many features of WebAR are restricted, but this technology will serve various milestones in the web development area in 2022. 

3. API -First Approach

This technology is considered a standard approach. The API  or application programming interface is the highest-rated web development trend. It is easy to measure why a large part of users will be using a potential product via mobile devices and client apps. So the product should be adaptable, compatible, and reusable. One of the essential benefits of API is its nature of open protocols and specifications, which makes a product consumable. So, the API-first approach is a continuous process in the web development trend. 

4. JAMstack

This web development technology consists of JavaScript, APIs, and markup, as the best outcome can be achieved by contrasting different web development technologies. This technology provides lower website development costs and enhanced scalability to provide better performance. This approach is gaining adaptability as it helps the developers with its non-monolithic structure and improves the performance through a pre-build markup.

5. AI Chat Bots

AI is getting more sophisticated with time, so the adaptability rates are increasing. They can’t replace human labor but helps them to perform better. Bots have become essential for delivering online support, searching and retrieving information, or handling transactions. New features are being added to make this platform more empathetic and emotional. With an improved voice recognition system, the AI-driven bots will bring more surprises for its users in 2022. 

6. Voice Recognition

Voice assistant technology has become very popular and vastly adopted by a vast number of users as this is convenient in numerous ways. Instead of typing, users can just use their voice to get any details from the web browser. This is a high demand, and global organizations are investing a lot in research and service improvement. Terms like Alexa, Sir, and Cortana require no introduction as these are used by many users who are more comfortable with voice technology instead of typing, especially for the older generation. Today, voice search is vastly used in every application and sector; for example, e-commerce has experienced a new way of purchasing and introducing voice to their businesses. On the other side, finding routes and addresses using voice has been very popular for a long time. With time, the functionalities are being enhanced to keep this technology mainstream. So 2022 is not an exception. 

These are the six most popular web development technologies of the current year. Various other technologies are also very significant. An experienced web developer can always guide an organization by suggesting the best practices suited for the business. 

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