Salesforce is a cloud-based software company that provides various tools to help businesses find more prospects, close more deals, and provide a higher level of service to customers. This is a very popular CRM tool that supports sales and marketing teams worldwide. Users can have personalized outreach with automation with the help of this platform. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will guide you to transform your business with Salesforce CRM

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed various business processes. Businesses have been forced to change the systems and processes integral to their functioning to keep up with customer and business culture changes. As more customers are relying on digital technology, companies should serve them the best to fulfill their requirements. 

So businesses are taking the help of change management specialists who can put together various strategies and solutions to help businesses to stay updated. So before diving into the details of CRM, let’s have a quick look at change management.

Change Management

Change Management help businesses and their employee to take on challenges and change within day-to-day and long-term work. As a result, employees feel confident in handling new challenges. But organizations need to ensure that the central systems are equipped for adopting new processes. Transformations made within a company need to be manageable at every level and must be suitable for the long term. 

Digital Transformation

It is the process of integrating digital technology into every aspect of the business. The process totally changes the process of communication with customers, fulfilling sales and orders, and managing data and inventory behind the scenes. It takes businesses away from simply following traditional processes and using traditional software, hardware, and data management techniques for innovation. Let’s look at the key features-

1. The process can provide solutions to specific problems. 

2. Bridge the gap created between the organization and the customers. 

3. Streamline business operations.

4. Establish safety protocols when supply chains break down. 

Customer Relationship Management

To establish a digital work process, CRM or customer relationship management is the solution for organizations worldwide. It is a one-stop solution for all business processes, with customizable workflows, dashboards, applications, and CRM systems that are the perfect solution for digitization. 

Transformation With Salesforce

Salesforce is the #1 CRM solution worldwide. The platform provides numerous benefits with additional opportunities for customization and resources. Salesforce helps to boost the productivity of the employees, Automate and personalize digital marketing campaigns, helps to automate the sales and supply process, derive insight from business data to convert more leads, design products, and offer better customer support. 

The Benefits 

1. Communication Using Automation Tools

Automation tools can help to avoid delayed responses. Salesforce Einstein bots focus more on difficult tasks while the technology is doing the basic routine of responding to hats on time. It helps to remember the customer experience when they engage with the brand on the website or social media pages. 

2. Data Analytics Tools

Users can use data analytics to understand customers’ pain points and compare the results of marketing campaigns and sales strategies. Salesforce has dashboards and works on them properly. Einstein Analytics is a cloud-based platform for connecting data from different sources. It provides insights to users so that they shift data right away. 

3. Following The Customer 

Before converting, the leads begin the journey by knowing the brand. This is an essential part of knowing customer behavior. The sales team should know how the leads will turn into customers based on their activities. 

Through the help of Salesforce Sales Cloud, it becomes possible to quickly access customer data and many more. Organizations can experience a 360-degree view of the customers and engage with them accordingly. The sales team can also check the click rates of the email campaigns to better understand the best solution. 

4. Omnichannel Feature

Replying on time is another way to be closer to the audience. Salesforce Service Cloud has an omnichannel feature that helps brands to have a unified approach to provide a consistent experience to the customers. The Omnichannel Routing automatically shifts cases and other tasks to the available user so that they can stay updated and pay attention to the most important tasks. 

There are various other benefits of this CRM platform that users can experience by implementing Salesforce CRM into their workflow. Please feel free to schedule a consultation call with CloudVandana, a reputed Salesforce partner in India, and stay ahead of the competition. Call Now for more assistance

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