Editing reports can be time-consuming, but disabling automatic updates in preview mode can make the process faster and more efficient. Find out how in this article. When working on Salesforce reports it loads automatically with every edit whether you add column or edit filter. This report feature will make your life easy and reduce your reporting time. You can Edit reports faster by turning off automatic preview updates.

When off, you can make multiple edits without waiting for the preview to refresh after each edit. When you’re ready to preview data, manually refresh the report preview. Or, see sample records returned after each edit by keeping automatic previews on.

You just need to flip the Update Preview Automatically toggle on or off from your report preview screen. When on, the report preview updates automatically after each edit you make to the report. When off, a message tells you whether the preview shows your most recent edits and provides the option to refresh the preview. When hiding recent edits, the preview turns gray.

To refresh out-of-date data, click Refresh (1).

The preview reloads to show your edits.

Note: The Update Preview Automatically switch does not affect the report run page.

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