Salesforce gives you intelligence with the help of Einstein Bots to support your customers effectively and efficiently. Build and manage Einstein Bots to ease the load on your service agents. Bots can handle routine requests and free your agents to handle more complex issues. Bots can also gather pre-chat information to save your agents time.

What is Bots?

  • Bots are your allies in the race to resolve support cases fast. They can even prevent them from being opened in the first place!
  • Bots reduce chat duration by helping customers self-direct immediately, and resolving common issues without waiting to “get in the queue.”
  • Bots save your agents time (and thus, your company money), allowing agents to devote more time to complex problem-solving and consequential customer interactions.
  • Most importantly, bots can be trained to understand human language—and respond intelligently—through Natural-Language Processing (NLP).

You can use Einstein Bot Wizard to create an Einstein Bot

To get more details on Einstein Bots and its setup, Please visit Salesforce help article here

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