Improve case accuracy and completion by removing the guesswork involved in completing case fields. Einstein Case Classification recommends, selects, or saves field values on new cases based on historical case data. Agents see predictions in the Service Console in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

We know that every minute counts. If you have the Try Einstein version of Einstein Case Classification, Einstein now recommends field values just once to the agent, right after the case is created. Enable quick text for your org so that your users can insert predefined messages. Quick text streamlines work for service agents and sales reps.

Where do recommendations appear?

To view Einstein’s recommendations on a case, click Get Einstein Recommendations in the Lightning Service Console.

Depending on your setup, case classification recommendations appear in one of two places in the Lightning Service Console:

  • Case Details related record component
  • Einstein Field Recommendations component, whose standard title is Case Classification

How do I view recommendations? Click Einstein Recommendations Available to apply Einstein’s recommendations. Fields with recommendations appear with a green dot, and the text at the top of the component changes to Einstein Recommendations Applied.

Note: Recommendations typically appear right after the case is created, though there can be a slight delay during high-traffic times. You may need to refresh the page to see them.

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