Salesforce optimization involves taking a look at how a business is currently using the CRM, where it is benefiting, and where the pain points reside. For instance, Salesforce optimization smoothens the process of integrating the CRM platform with the accounting software.

With Salesforce optimization, companies can work smarter, increase productivity, create a marketing strategy that is based on consumer actions, connect with leads and prospects at every point of their journey and protect the bottom line.

5 Ways to Optimize your Salesforce CRM

1. Salesforce Integration

Implementing data migration into your Salesforce  CRM is an effective way to build a Combined view of your customers while improving employee experience. Connecting internal databases gives your business a competitive advantage by supporting data in new and powerful ways.
There are endless possibilities when it comes to Salesforce data integration. As a business owner, a person can connect directly with data housed on external accounting, HR, and ERP systems to social media platforms, eCommerce platforms, and many more.

This system translates into seamless data management and enhanced business logic for you and your entire organization. Security integration option helps integrate authentication tools to improve user experience. Your business can take advantage of data synchronization with different vendors across various platforms.

It is important to explore all the integration options available to your Salesforce CRM platform, while also ensuring data accuracy and logical configuration. Consider hiring well-experienced Salesforce Developers who can take your business to the next level by reducing the integration time to integrate and modernize your organization systems and more.

2. Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce is a CRM platform with unlimited possibilities. If you are implementing Salesforce into your organization for the first time, you must consult with a Salesforce partner to define your business the best. CloudVandana Solutions can help you by providing you a customized solution for your business needs. CRM processes like lead flow, campaign set-ups, and customer acquisition planning require proper preparation and planning. One must consider data maintenance processes that ensure data integrity and consistency. A registered Implementation partner like CloudVandana can accelerate this process.

3. Salesforce Lightning

Every business or Organization requires lightning-fast user experience and lead flow. That is why Salesforce created a newly transformed CRM interface designed to maximize the productivity of sales representatives, integrated with analytics and business intelligence focused to drive sales precision for your business. Salesforce allows switching between two interfaces, Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning. Considering the larger features offered through the Lightning platform, one might be much interested in optimizing the CRM process through this latest upgrade of Salesforce.

The lightning experience offers a visually upgraded homepage with a chart of performance, an instant calendar module, organized lead flow visuals, and contact and accounting insights considered to help the sales team to be updated and organized. In addition, there is a new activity Timeline workspace where sales representatives can create tasks, events, log calls, send emails and effectively track activities in one place. Make sure to have a system in place where the entire organization can optimize the offerings of Salesforce. An experienced Salesforce developer can help you build single-page, dynamic applications for various devices for your team or organization.

4. Salesforce Visualforce

Salesforce offers prebuilt applications that help in improving CRM functionality. Salesforce visualforce helps to execute the process. Salesforce visualforce is composed of a tag-based markup language, similar to HTML that gives developers a way of building applications and customizing the CRM user interface. Some features are available through visualforce and custom flow control through its wizards, templates, and on-the-go deployment.

Page components can be optimized through visualforce with the help of custom dashboards, tabs, menu items, action items, and personalized console components for specific organizational needs. When it comes to implementing Salesforce Visualforce into your organization, make sure that you have an experienced team of developers who know how to control your business objectives.

5. Salesforce AppExchange

AppExchange is a business app ecosystem for cloud-based business software. A large variety of customized apps are available included with customer feedback and suitable for every Industry. A person can find components such as Lightning Data and Bolt Solutions, Consulting partners, and developers to help you extend the power of Salesforce through AppExchange. It can play an important role in driving positive business results, such as increased accuracy, faster order placement times, and reduced costs. CloudVandana Solutions can take your app ideas from discovery to design and from simple utilities to connectors to custom applications in a seamless stress-free creation. The CloudVandana team will add the functionality you need, including custom calculations, triggered actions, and more.

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