Salesforce is the #1 customer relationship management software across the world. It is a cloud-based platform, so the Salesforce data is accessible anytime, from any device. It also permits live data tracking and correct real-time updates. Today, in this blog, CloudVandana, a registered Salesforce Partner from India will share a basic concept and work process of Salesforce.

The CRM platform offered by Salesforce helps companies of all sizes and categories to give them a seamless experience and enhance the business process. Salesforce assists organizations in customer acquisition and intends to produce more happy and satisfied customers to build a strong brand impression. In addition, the platform always helps leaders by suggesting the best solutions to take the business to the next level.

Salesforce provides thousands of pre-built applications to its app marketplace AppExchange, like an expanded platform. These tools help in every business process like closing deals faster, automating the marketing and process, organizing the business data and files more efficiently, etc. 

What Is Salesforce Used For

Salesforce hosts various cloud platforms to provide different services to customers of every size. In addition, Salesforce provides a complete view of the customers to the organizations that help them to offer a personalized customer experience. Let’s have a quick look at the different Cloud platforms provided by Salesforce. 

1. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce sales cloud is designed to manage the organizational sales process. It is considered the first product of Salesforce. The main objects in this platform are lead, account, contact, opportunity. It means a lead can be converted into Account, Contact, and Opportunity, and different stages can scale these objects. 

2. Salesforce Service Cloud

This is a service platform that provides service to the customers and gives constant support to the team. The feature of this platform includes ticket assignment, queue Management, live chat, and knowledge base. 

3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an effective marketing platform where marketers can connect with customers, track the customer touchpoints in their journey across various channels. This platform helps create the social media presence, email marketing, advertising campaigns, data analysis, etc. This platform provides powerful marketing tools like Pardot, Journey Builder, Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Customer 360 Audience, Advertising studio, Interaction Studio, and social studio. 

4. Salesforce App Cloud

Salesforce App Cloud provides a vast range of development tools that can be used to develop custom applications. 

5. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

This platform provides the best features and functionality to provide superb customer service and experience.

6. Salesforce Financial Service Cloud

This platform is an integrated platform for financial organizations to drive stronger client relationships. This platform is powered by Lightning and makes it easy for financial organizations to deliver exceptional customer-centric service. 

7 Salesforce Community Cloud

This platform is designed for external collaboration and custom portal creation. This platform helps users exchange documents, images, and other data. 

8. Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Analytics Cloud is a platform for business intelligence. It is well optimized for mobile users and flexible for integration with other Salesforce Clouds. 

Besides these cloud platforms, Salesforce provides various industrial solutions for every business need. 

Benefits Of Salesforce Cloud

After discussing the various platforms provided by this technology, we focus on a few benefits of Salesforce. 

Comprehensive Solutions

Salesforce is capable of meeting all the technical requirements of the CRM process and can be integrated with other Salesforce-friendly third-party tools. 

Scalable For Every Business

Salesforce is scalable as per the business requirements. This platform can expand or scale down without any software disruption. 

Flexible CRM System

Salesforce is very flexible for all the business sectors as it keeps on improving the products and services to make them user-friendly and customized. So this platform can meet all the requirements of any business. 

Easy Accessibility

Salesforce has introduced the Salesforce Anywhere app that allows users to access the platform anytime, anywhere. The mobile app provides the same features as a desktop. 

This platform offers endless offerings to serve any organization with best practices. Are you looking for a registered Salesforce Partner to get the best advice for your business? Please feel free to contact CloudVandana and get all the best-suited benefits of the holistic platform Salesforce. Follow CloudVandana on LinkedIn for unlimited Salesforce updates.

Picture Courtesy: Salesforce

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