Staff Augmentation is one of the popular hiring processes across the globe. In this modern digital age, many companies face challenges in hiring in-house developers on a full-time basis. Today, CloudVandana will describe the necessity of Staff Augmentation service to stay ahead of the competitors. 

The post-pandemic era has encouraged many companies to upgrade their operational approaches. Staff Augmentation is one of them. It is a customized hiring process to enhance the technical team. Most of the time, organizations face various challenges with in-house developers. The Staff Augmentation model fills the gap within the existing IT team to complete the work on time. So it has become a preferred option for most companies across the globe. 

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is an approach used in project development that involves hiring external experts or resources on a short-term or long-term basis to accelerate the project work cost-effectively. As the remote team always maintains a clear and transparent work process, organizations can monitor and get to know the team’s progress anytime. 


In our previous blogs, we discussed the benefits of this hiring model in detail. Let’s have a look at the benefits at a glance.

1. Flexibility

This model can help organizations to reduce investment in in-house staff and bring extra hands as needed. The model enables organizations to balance the appointment costs and the workload that they face at various times. The model provides the flexibility to maintain the resources as per the organizational needs. So it is a very useful model for organizations of any size, especially startups. 

2. Decreased Overhead Costs

The process provides a cost-effective solution to avoid the costs associated with full-time in-house developers. 

3. Easy Talent Management

Organizations can control the employees’ progress at any time as the remote team always maintains transparency and provides an update every day. 

Types Of Staff Augmentation

In this outsourcing model, the remote team reports directly to the organization and behaves like the in-house employees. They always adopt the culture and the working methods of the organization with whom they work. This is the right choice for technical and engaging leaders. Staff Augmentation can be customized as per business requirements without disrupting the workflow. 

This hiring model can be segmented into various categories-

Basic Staffing Service

When a company needs more personnel in its team to carry out basic or standard tasks, that can be done without special skills to execute them. This type of remote hiring is suitable for projects that are not complex.

Skill Based Service

When a company needs more resources in the team to carry out basic or standard tasks that should be done with the proper skill set to meet the requirements of the clients, then this model is suitable for that organization. 

Highly Skilled Staffing Service

These teams are the highest level teams, made up of highly skilled and experienced professionals with specific skills and abilities that are very important to carry out robust and complex projects.  They work agilely, with the flexibility to adjust with the clients delivering high-quality results. 

So, organizations can choose the best model depending on their business requirements. 

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