Staff Augmentation is the use of outside personnel on a short-term basis to augment the capacity of your organization. There are various factors and situations when organizations adopt the staff augmentation model for enhanced productivity. 

External employees are hired from reputed Staff Augmentation firms to fill gaps within the existing IT team and complete the work on time. While outsourcing has become a preferred option for many companies, organizations can experiment with this model for more control over the work and the team. 

In this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the Staff Augmentation model to enhance the organizations. 

Staff Augmentation Model

Organizations can use this model in various situations; three key situations are described below.

Project Length

Staff Augmentation is best for short-term projects. Otherwise, organizations need to hire a full-time person, which might be a costly solution for organizations. Staff Augmentation contracts can be terminated anytime just by sending a prior notice to the augmentation, so it is an ideal outsourcing strategy for projects that last approximately 3 to 24 months. 


In the Staff Augmentation model, required training and administrative costs are handled by the provider. So organizations do not need to spend additional costs on these. So the service becomes cost-effective. In addition, due to its scalability, organizations easily increase or decrease resources. So the whole project can be completed cost-effectively. It is a great solution for organizations worldwide, especially for startups and mid-sized organizations. 


Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of every project. The employees handle clients’ data and various other sensitive information, so organizations need to ensure confidentiality to their clients. Companies can hand over those data to the augmented staff without hesitation as the service provider signs an NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) form to ensure confidentiality and a high level of security. 

Types Of Staff Augmentation

The Staff Augmentation model can be segmented into six basic types. We will discuss each type in detail s that organizations can easily select the best type based on their requirements. The six types are –

  • Traditional Staff Augmentation
  • Independent Contractors
  • Master Vendor Staff
  • Boutique Agency
  • Gig Platforms
  • On-Demand Talent Platforms

1. Traditional Staff Augmentation

This form of Staff Augmentation involves contracting with a staffing agency and hiring some of their resources to boost the in-house team. This system provides the traditional setup of staff segmentation of a temporary workforce through a staffing agency or service provider. 

Traditional Staff Augmentation can be used for any type of project, including both IT  and non-IT projects.

2. Independent Contractors

Independent contractors involve searching for contractors and directly engaging with them. Independent contractors are great for projects without a clear initial focus, as contractors will often be willing to provide input on the overall direction. Independent contractors are a great solution when the organization needs to fill a specific gap in the team.

3. Master Vendor Staff

Master vendor staff involves approaching a staffing agency to provide many temporary workers. This solution is best for companies that need temporary staffing for a sudden need for enhanced capacity that the organization itself cannot meet. The cost is low and easy to scale to meet new demands. 

4. Boutique Agency

It is small Staff Augmentation is a small organization that focuses on high-quality skillsets. Boutique agencies are some of the highest quality workers that organizations can hire though it is a more expensive solution. 

5. Gig Platform

A gig platform is an online platform that consists of skilled workers, similar to freelancers. This solution is best suited for minor and short-term tasks. Gig platforms provide a lot of flexibility and speed. 

6. On-demand Talent Platforms

On-demand talent platforms are online platform that houses a talent pool for highly-skilled workers with a bit more flexibility than gig platforms. The on-demand talent platform will provide the pre-vetted resources, so you don’t have to do that task. This platform is excellent for its flexibility, quality, and speed. 

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