Pardot is a software as a service (SaaS) marketing automation platform by Salesforce offering email automation, targeted email campaigns, and lead management for B2B sales and marketing organizations.


Comparing  Pardot with other marketing automation software packages, here are why I favor Pardot for mid-sized and larger B2B companies.

 1. An easy tool for impactful email marketing

Pardot provides the Intuitive Email Builder mainly to build professional emails using their visual editor, which consists of  Responsive, out-of-the-box templates, Custom design capabilities, fast formatting options, and hosted content. It also provides Powerful Automated Engagements which send the message at the time specified, which is basically Scheduled email sending, and also Autoresponders for your forms and landing pages.

2. Prospect Grading and Scoring.

Lead scoring, when used in tandem with lead grading, can ensure that only the most qualified leads get passed from marketing to sales. Pardot allows you to distinguish who is most interesting to you (lead grading) and who is most interested in your products (lead scoring). This allows you sales efficiency as well as deep customer insight.

3. Nurturing Leads

When an anonymous website visitor shares enough information about themselves to become a qualified lead, it means they’re interested in your brand. Lead nurturing campaigns help marketers build strong relationships with prospects, from their first interaction to the time they’ve become a frequent return customers.

Pardot provides the most convenient platform for lead nurturing. All custom content paths can be seamlessly synced with your existing database and tools.


4. Detailed Prospect Tracking

Sales prospecting is the process of searching for prospective customers or clients from your pool of leads, with the goal of identifying qualified potential buyers that can move through your sales process and convert into paying customers for your business.

Pardot has the ability to website track readers even before they become registered prospects or customers. Pardot also offers to track webinar social media, Google AdWords, etc. It gives you powerful insights into prospects’ interests and requirements. Pardot gives you an incredibly powerful sales-oriented marketing machine on hand.

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