Staff Augmentation is a hiring model that allows companies of every size to add skilled professionals to their workforce. This hiring model is most popular among IT companies due to the seasonal and project basis needs. 

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana will discuss the five key benefits of the staff augmentation model for organizations worldwide. 

Companies prefer to contract with staff augmentation firms like CloudVandana to access short-term and long-term resources for organizations. Organizations can add their IT resources on-site to complete a project. Some companies prefer to outsource remote workers. Experienced developers work as an extended team and help complete the project remotely. 

In today’s world, companies prefer this staff augmentation model over the traditional form of hiring system for long-term benefits. It acts as a perfect solution for effective and on-time project delivery. Let’s have a look at the five key benefits of Staff Augmentation

Benefits Of IT Staff Augmentation

1. Cost-Effective Solution

Staff Augmentation service ensures a cost-effective solution for the organizations. Professionals are hired for a specific project. After deploying the project, organizations can discontinue the contract with the staff augmentation firm. So organizations do not have to bear the cost when the project is completed. So, this hiring process allows companies to pay only for the talents during a specific period. In addition, this skill-specific talent provides competitive brands by adding domain-centric knowledge to the operational framework. Organizations get access to an immense talent pool at the cost of traditional hiring, but they can stay one step ahead of their competitors with this external team. 

2. On-Demand Resources Anytime

Flexibility is one of the essential features of staff augmentation. This allows firms to hire employees to suit the short-term requirements. Companies can supplant their permanent employees with skilled professionals to fulfill the needs for a specific duration. This model prevents the organizations from the additional costs of permanent hiring. This fills the gap in the workforce in a cost-effective and faster manner. As it is an immediate process, organizations can hire developers anytime, as per their project needs. 

3. Larger Talent Pool

The staff augmentation model provides access to IT firms with a vast talent pool of skilled professionals. Permanent hiring restricts a firm’s access to the available market talent pool. As the talent pool is hired from various parts of the world, organizations can employ the best talents for their projects. As the augmented staffs are highly skilled, organizations do not need to arrange any training program. It saves time and money for the organization. As the service is highly scalable, organizations can increase the talent pool anytime. 

4. Enhanced Operational Process

Most businesses need to bear a high operational cost to conduct the hiring process, training program, infrastructure costs, etc. When companies create a contract with Staff Augmentation firms, they can avoid these costs, which give them the full ROI on their investment. Depending on the project needs, the developers either work remotely or from the workspace. The staff augmentation model reduces the cost of hiring skilled professionals and decreases the cost of operation. These savings can be easily converted into revenues. 

5. Control Over Work And Management

The advantage of the staff augmentation model is that only human resourcing is sourced from an external agency. However, the control over the work and management remains in hand. This control leads to maintaining a stronghold over the projects and shaping them in the desired direction. The staff augmentation model allows the parent firms to stay in charge of the workforce.


There are many benefits associated with this hiring model. Are you looking for a Staff Augmentation firm to expand your IT team for faster product deployment? You can hire an experienced developer from the vast talent pool at CloudVandana, a renowned staff augmentation firm in India. Please schedule a call with us and share your requirements. 

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