Pardot Engagement Studio is Pardot’s next-generation lead nurturing tool and a true intelligence engine of the marketing automation platform. Engagement Studio lets the user build, test, and report on powerful engagement programs that let the user send targeted emails based on prospect behavior and complex qualifying values. It is designed to run automated email campaigns for various use cases. In this article, CloudVandana will discuss the best practices for Pardot Engagement Studio. 

Pardot Engagement Studio Best Practices

1. Capturing Engagement With lists Vs. Tags

Setting actions in Engagement Studio to ‘add to list’ is a useful way to see engagement, and when the prospects reach the end of the program, if the user wants to take further action by identifying who is the most and least engaged prospects were and segmented them into cold, warm or hot leads. 

2. Consider Before Adding Score

Users don’t always need to add actions to increase the prospect’s score. If prospects are submitting forms, or if they’re clicking on the webpage, all of these activities will already apply points to the total score. Users don’t have to reapply points in Engagement Studio; otherwise, they will begin inflating numbers, which the users do not want to do. 

3. Add Comments While Editing

If the user needs to pause and edit a program, the user can proceed to add comments. If they don’t keep track of the changes they’ve made, it becomes a guessing game, and sometimes users do not need to dig deep to find out the working process and the transition. 

4. Suppression List Can Also Be A Target  List 

When the user has a program, and the user is confused about which prospect should not be there, that group of people could be the recipient list of another program running. 

5. Complex Rules Should Be Used

Users can take segmentation further by adding more criteria to the rule steps. This scales down prospects, creating more targeted sends and actions. In addition, users should reduce the number of rule steps they need in Engagement programs. 

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