A landing page is a separate web page that a visitor lands on after clicking through from an email, ad, or other digital location. Once they’re on the landing page, marketers encourage visitors to take the desired action, such as a service or buying a product. It is an important part of lead-generation marketing.

Today, in this blog, CloudVandana, a registered Salesforce partner from India, will describe the key benefits of a landing page. A landing page directs a visitor to perform some specific actions. Landing pages are becoming an essential part of marketing as nowadays organizations are more data-driven. Landing pages offer well-defined advantages over a website and perform as an excellent lead generation and marketing tool. The driving factors behind landing pages are their distinctiveness. 

Now let’s look at the five key benefits of a landing page.

1. Increases Conversions

A landing page is a better choice to let the visitors perform the desired action and increase the conversion. A good landing page should have an appropriate call-to-action button instructing visitors to take action. In addition, landing pages are designed with a detailed description of a product or offer, so visitors don’t need to visit the other web pages, which finally leads to more conversions. 

2. Enhances The Paid Search Campaign

Landing pages influence click-through rates which influence a successful Search Engine Marketing or paid-search campaign. Marketers can utilize a search engine marketing campaign to bid on keywords. Instead of using the links of website pages, marketers can use the landing page link to get more leads. 

A landing page provides all the information the visitors are searching for, making the final objective of the users easier to achieve. Marketers should not provide the home page link in the ad campaign as visitors may be lost or distracted by the other links on the website. The main objective of search engine marketing will not be served. 

3. Achieve Business Objectives

Supporting the business objectives is one of the essential advantages of landing pages. Business objectives include accessing a new niche market,  promoting a new product, attracting new customers, or enhancing sales. Landing pages help the marketers to track the whole process toward the goal. 

Landing pages are designed to match the business objectives, sign up for the mailing list, subscribe to a newsletter, purchase, or request a consultation. 

4. Growing The Email List

Landing pages are used to generate leads, which means that a company receives phone calls or filled-out forms from prospects interested in becoming valued customers. 

A link can be added to a landing page to receive the interested viewers’ details and grow the email list. The columns for name, email addresses, phone number, etc., can be added to gather interested visitors’ email addresses. Marketers can use the “opt-in” option to request they receive emails and special offer reminders. Organizations can send them daily newsletters, announcements, promotions, etc., to keep the clients or prospects updated about the brand or organization. 

5. Data Tracking

When a landing page link is attached to a specific campaign, marketers can track the channels to measure the highest lead generating source, most popular offerings, user behavior, etc. In addition, if a form is attached to a landing page, visitors can state their difficulties, preferred consultation date and time, or any special requirements. Finally, marketers can test different landing page elements to determine the best data and analytics for the landing page. 

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